Distraction:The Distraction Trilogy #1

By: A. E. Murphy

There are so many amazing people who I’ve had the pleasure of meeting since starting my journey as an author and some who have been there since way before I took that first step. I love and appreciate you all, without you I wouldn’t be me. You know who you are, I hope.

Thank you Ali for putting up with my ever changing moods. We both know I’m perfect without the pregnancy hormones… ahem. I’m sure the kids will forgive me one day too. I love you all so much and will continue to love you until tomorrow when I find mess on the floor and laundry that could be in the basket but isn’t. Hehe.

Thank you to Elisia, Charlena, Rivka, Ramya and Elizabeth for helping me through the writing process. I love you guys and really appreciate you taking your time to call me out on my mistakes. If you ever need me for anything in the future, I’m probably washing my hair those days so…

Congratulations to my sister who gave birth to my nephew back in January. You’ve given me three beautiful children (two nieces and one nephew) to cherish and love forever, on top of my own two and a half children (the final is still cooking). Christmas comes too soon, so do birthdays. My wallet hates you.

And finally, thank you to all of my awesome readers, because without you, living my dream (having an excuse to write other than ‘just because’) wouldn’t be possible and I love you and cherish you all dearly.


January 2014


Lying back on a blanket that we’ve spread over the uncomfortable concrete, I bring the cheap, fizzy wine to my mouth and take a large swig. I’m pretty sure it tastes like what urine would taste like if you were to add bubbles.

Hayley, my closest friend, is lying beside me. She snatches the bottle and does the same, giggling when some of it spills out of the side of her mouth.

“The stars are spinning,” she slurs, waving her arm in the air.

She’s not wrong.

“Hey girls!” A warm body lands over us both and I feel a head squishing my breasts.

I grunt and grab his hair, laughing when he grins wickedly at me. “Get off my tits, Riley.”

“Get on my tits, Riley,” Hayley giggles, shoving at his legs.

“Can’t… too tired,” he laughs, moving off Hayley and climbing fully onto me. “You’re looking very hot tonight, Elle.”

I grunt and shove at his chest, not liking the fact that I’m being pressed harder into the ground, which hurts even with a blanket beneath me. He rolls off and snatches the same bottle Hayley and I just shared. In three gulps the rest of the bottle is gone and he’s throwing it across the car park.

Riley is cool, but I would never date him, not unless I want a taste of Hayley’s sloppy seconds. No thank you. Besides, no decent male would ever try it on with their ex’s best friend, especially in front of said ex. Not that Hayley cares.

Wow… my head is spinning.

I hear a yelp beside me and watch as Riley is yanked to his feet and goes flying several metres away from me.

Oh shit.

“Daddy,” I smile. It’s no doubt wonky and shows I’m clearly intoxicated.

I’m airborne for a moment before I feel my feet hit the ground. The jolt rattles my bones and forces me to fall to the side, straight into my dad, who is picking up Hayley. “Grounded! Both of you!” He bellows, grabbing our arms and dragging us to his car.

Bugger. “It’s just lemonade!” I try, but the look he gives me tells me I’ve failed. I’m thinking that came out “issjusslemnade”. Bollocks. “Dad, come on. I’m, like, legal in ten months anyway.”

He lets out a growl-like noise, one that reminds me of a wolf protecting its dinner. A giggle bursts forth before I can stop it and my foot catches on the curb, causing me to trip.

“Please don’t tell my mum, Mr. B.” Hayley begs, but her attempts are futile. As soon as we’re in his car, he picks up his phone and starts talking quietly into the receiver. I can’t hear what he’s saying, but from the look on his face as he paces by our door, it’s nothing good.


“You’re half an hour past your curfew,” he shouts after climbing into the driver’s seat. “We’ve been worried sick! To find you like this…” Turning towards us, he waves his hand between the both of us. “I’m disgusted. What the hell is going on with you at the moment, Elle?”

I purse my lips and look away. Nothing is going on with me. I’m just having fun. What’s wrong with that?


“No, you’re not! That’s the problem,” he hisses and turns the key in the ignition. “You have no fucking remorse for anything you do at the moment! You have your first exams in just a few months and the way you’re going, there’s no way you’re going to pass.”

Rolling my eyes heavenward, I let out a sigh and kick off my shoes.

“Are you paying attention?”

No. “Yes.”

“Less of the attitude!” He bellows. I’ve clearly pushed him to the limit. “You’re grounded, not including work or school.”

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