Doing the Right Thing(2)

By: Elizabeth Lennox

Lillian clasped her hands together in front of her, trying to figure out how to explain. But when the words wouldn’t come, she lifted her lemon drop martini to her lips and took a long sip. When she carefully set the glass down, she looked at her friends. “George is the guy who is trying to teach me to run this stupid, boring fund!” she groaned, letting her head fall onto her propped up hands. “And he thinks I’m a complete idiot.”

The three women straightened, instantly indignant on Lillian’s behalf. “You’re brilliant!” Tallia claimed. “He’s just never seen your drawings!” Jane assured Lillian, patting her arm. These four women were the only ones who knew that Lillian’s real passion was designing clothes.

“Well, you never were very good with math,” Becca chimed in, and shrugged when Tallia and Jane glared at her. “What? It’s true! I was up helping her study for every one of her math tests in college!”

Lillian groaned. “Becca’s right. I barely passed statistics in college even though Becca spent hours going through all the rules. I got a B in calculus, but only because Becca finally figured out that using the angles on a dress would make sense to me. After that, I was able to calculate just about anything.”

“I still don’t see the issue,” Jane interrupted. “So, you’re not very good with math?”

Lillian sighed, accepting the truth. “A hedge fund manager needs to understand math.”

“So, get this George fellow to teach you,” Tallia stated firmly.

Lillian shook her head. “You don’t get it. He’s been trying. He’s been going over the details with me for months and I just…I don’t get it.” She blushed and bowed her head. “And what’s worse, I think…I might be, kind of …well, I’m painfully attracted to him.” The last was whispered with shame.

Three sets of round eyes stared at her for a long moment. Then Tallia tossed her hands in the air. “Okay, well, that explains everything! You’re bad at math, have the hots for the guy who is teaching you math, and you are going to marry some other man that you’re simply friends with.” The others laughed because…well, when it was broken down in that manner, it really made a lot of sense. Not logic, but…

“I like Phillip,” Lillian argued defensively. “He’s a good man! I can’t hurt him!” She sighed, rubbing her forehead. “Nor can I humiliate him by backing out of the wedding at this point.”

Becca patted Lillian’s shoulder. “You think he’s a nice person. That’s very different from wanting him as a husband and a lover.”

“And a distant issue from loving a man enough to make a marriage work,” Jane chimed in.

“Excellent point!” Becca nodded emphatically.

Even Jane agreed. “I’m with them. Why don’t you marry George?”

Lillian couldn’t believe they’d suggested something so outrageous. “Because I’m not in love with him!” she replied with horror. Her eyes shuttered and she blinked, trying to hide something that even she didn’t understand. The idea of George…well, he infuriated her! That definitely wasn’t a basis for marriage! “And because he thinks I’m an idiot. He can’t stand to be around me.”

“I don’t believe that. Not for a moment,” Becca stated emphatically, looking at the blonde beauty with her expressive, powder blue eyes. Lillian was every man’s dream woman! Her lush figure, gorgeous, blonde locks, full lips, and elegant demeanor…any man would die to possess her. Toss in that southern accent, and most men would fall to their knees to be with Lillian.

Tallia chuckled. “Besides, you’re one of the nicest people I know. And even better, you’re not nearly as prim and proper as Jane is. So, that’s even better!”

Jane gasped. “I’m not prim and proper!” she insisted, her spine stiffening with prim and proper outrage.

“Yes, you are!” all three of them replied in unison, and burst out laughing. Tallia rubbed Jane’s shoulders. “But we love you because of your prim and proper indignation.”

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