Doing the Right Thing(32)

By: Elizabeth Lennox

A working vacation? In Aruba?! Was he serious?

She turned and stared at the empty doorway. Marie knew that he was already gone, but she stood there, waiting for him to pop back into the office and tell her he was just joking.

Aruba? Wedding canceled?

This wasn’t happening. Nope, she’d just dreamed the last few minutes.

Walking back to her desk, she pulled up his schedule for the day. And tomorrow. She had six interviews scheduled for tomorrow. For several minutes, she stared at the schedule, not sure what to do.

If he wasn’t getting married, then she didn’t have to quit, did she?

But…no, this was too much to take in.

The phone ringing by her elbow startled her and she jerked, glaring at the phone for a long moment. But professionalism kicked in and she straightened, picking up the phone by the second ring. “Mr. Martineau’s office.”

“Marie, you haven’t left yet! If you’re going to get everything packed in two hours, you need to hurry.”

It was Phillip and she stared at the wall blankly. Shaking her head, she took a deep breath before she replied. “Phillip, I’m not sure what’s going on. Why would we go to Aruba?”

“Why not? It’s been on my schedule for months. I need a break. You need a break. We’re heading to Aruba. Shut down everything and go home, Marie. Pack a bathing suit, in fact, pack several, and I’ll come by to pick you up. It will be fine,” he promised. A moment later, he’d hung up the phone and she stared blankly at the receiver, trying to process the last ten minutes.

Phillip wasn’t getting married. Okay, she could understand that. He was still taking the two weeks off that he’d originally planned for his honeymoon. Check. That made sense.

He wanted her to go to Aruba with him?

Well, she’d traveled with him before. Many times over the past year. He flew off to various cities and countries, talking with investors, corporate heads, and various groups to get a better understanding of certain investments. That’s what a fund manager does, she knew. And Phillip was brilliant at working the investments under the fund’s portfolio, ensuring that thousands of investors had plenty of money on which to retire. She admired his diligence and his intelligence but…


If there was ever a place to recover from a broken engagement, Aruba was definitely in the top ten. Maybe the top five! A private house, white sands, snorkeling…it was all there.

But he didn’t need his executive assistant there to help him heal.

Her eyes caught on tomorrow’s schedule and she gasped. “The interviews!” Quickly, she lifted the receiver to her ear but before she could dial Joan’s office, Phillip was stepping out of the elevators, walking towards her.

“Phillip!” she gasped, standing up as he approached.

“You haven’t moved since I called you fifteen minutes ago, have you?” he asked. He didn’t stop until he was close. Very close!

Tilting her head backwards, she looked up into those dark eyes, still confused. She remembered the interviews, her schedule, her packing. Her whole apartment was already in boxes stacked up on top of one another. Even her furniture was shifted around, making room for the movers to get things out easily.

“Um…well, I’m not sure that…”

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