Elemental Fear

By: Ada Frost


To a man who stole my heart and gave me his in return x

For my boys who make me proud to be a mummy every single day.

To a special friend, L.K who helped and encouraged me through my first book

Evelyn Beaumont

5 years old

I knocked on the door to my best friend’s house holding my favourite new toy. Only special girls got a baby Jessica doll. I knew this because my friends from school, Becky and Emma, got one for Christmas, but I had to wait for my birthday. Mummy promised if I was a good girl then the birthday fairy would bring me a baby Jessica.

“Morning Birthday, princess,” said Jill; she is pretty and my best friend’s mummy.

“Look what I got. I’m the same now as Becky and Emma,” I shouted excitedly.

“Well, isn’t she beautiful?” Jill smiled and lifted my special baby into her arms. “You must have been a very good little girl to get such a special present.” She cooed. I think Jill would like a Baby Jessica. I will remember to tell my mummy to get her one for Christmas.

I lifted my hand up to her and spread my fingers wide. “I'm five now, that’s not little no more. I’m big now,” I stated firmly. She needed to know four was little, five was a big girl.

“You’re right; five is such a big girl. Can I have a cuddle from the big birthday princess?” She held her arms out and scooped me up into a big hug. She sat me on her hip and walked me into the house. Elliott sat watching the television, and I gave him a shy wave. He could sometimes be mean to me, and mummy told me to stay away from him.

“Morning, squirt.” He ruffled my hair. “Happy Birthday.” He walked into the kitchen, and I lifted my head to watch him.

I heard footsteps running down the stairs, making me smile because I knew who that was. I wriggled on Jill’s hip for her to let me down.

“He’s coming, don’t worry.” Jill laughed as she went into the kitchen. Then my best friend in the whole wide world came into the room.

“Mum! Mum, quick come here. Something’s wrong,” he shouted when he saw me. His face looked really angry, and I looked around the room worried.

Jill came running back into the room. “What? What’s the matter?” she asked breathlessly.

“Her.” He pointed to me. “Where’s my little best friend gone? She–” He pointed to me again. “Her there. She is a big girl, she has to be five years old. My best friend is four.” He held his hand up and spread his fingers wide.

“I'm five,” I whispered.

“Oh Dominic.” His mum shook her head and laughed.

“Don’t be an idiot, Dom,” said Elliott from the door as I shuffled closer to Jill.

“Shut up, Elliott,” snapped Dominic. He looked back at me again and smiled. “So, who are you and where is my best friend?” Dominic asked me.

“How are we related?” asked Elliott from the door.

“Out now!” snapped Jill to Elliott.

“It’s me...I’m five...I’m your friend, Do-nic,” I whispered, feeling shy.

“Ah, yes, but my best, best, best friend is only four,” he said and placed his hands on his hips.

“But I’m five today. It’s my birthday so I’m a big girl today,” I said proudly.

“Hmm?” He shook his head from side to side and looked to the floor.

I felt sad, he didn’t like me anymore. “I want to be four again,” I whispered looking up at Jill. “He doesn’t like me now.”

“Dominic, stop teasing, you’re upsetting her.”

I looked at the floor and scraped the toe of my sandal across the soft carpet.

“She’s pretty like my best friend.” I smiled at the floor. “She has the same pretty hair as my best friend.” I twirled my finger in my hair He always said my hair was pretty. “If this big girl can tell me a secret that only me and my best friend know, I will believe her.”

I looked up at his smiling face and thought real hard. Then I ran to him and pulled at his shirt so he would bend for me to whisper in his ear.

“You think Cinderella is the prettiest princess,” I whispered in his ear. That was a big, big secret.