FaCade (Deception #1)

By: D.H Sidebottom & Ker Dukey

THE SUN HEATED MY SKIN, its rays licking over me, branding me in its golden glow and warming my already sensitive body. The smell of lotion was intoxicating as the firm, familiar hands I craved rubbed over the contours of my body, rough fingers sliding along every inch of me. White sand and clear blue ocean as far as the eye could see relaxed me further.

This was what we needed. We both worked too hard, we never indulged or took time for just us two.

We lived out one of his fantasies last night; him taking me in the open where anyone could be watching, although making love under the blue hue of the moonlight on a secluded beach where he’d created a romantic bed of rose petals wasn’t exactly where we could be caught. But it was still the most memorable night of my life, and hopefully his too.

I looked down at the twinkling diamond of my engagement ring and smiled. He had completely taken me off guard last night.

The memory played over, letting me relive the most magical proposal I could have asked for. Him pushing his body to join with mine before stilling when he was fully sheathed inside me. His soft gaze captured mine, his eyes glimmering with a thousand emotions before he murmured, “You were created to complete my soul, and mine yours. When the sun sets and rises every day from this day forward we will be forever entwined. I promise I’ll give you everything. Friendship…” He peppered my face in kisses, his soft lips burying me in his love. “…Passion…” he thrust deeply, his hips pressing against mine, making me moan. “…Babies with my brains and your looks.” He smiled cheekily, rubbing one hand over my stomach.

I gasped, slapping his shoulder which made him twitch deliciously inside me. I wanted to beg him to move; he filled me up completely but wasn’t moving. His words made my heart thud and my mind race, their honesty drenching me in the truth of his promise.

“I’ll support your dreams and live to make them come true.” His eyes darkened, his gaze never leaving mine, hypnotizing me. “I’ll fulfill every fantasy.” His hand cupped my face, the softness of his palm both comforting and exciting. “I’ll protect you, honor you, and God, love you more than anything.”

My eyes were glassy; I couldn’t stop the tears from forming. He continued as his voice dropped in tone, and his brow furrowed like he was concentrating, reminiscing. “I always felt connected to you, as if a string from my soul was tethered to yours.”

His hand looped a thread around my ring finger. The tears spilled free when I noticed the other end was looped around his own finger, a platinum band with a huge diamond sat on the end. He tilted his hand, making the ring flow free down the thread until it encircled mine. I choked on a happy sob.

“Promise never to leave me, to never love another man. Promise to be my wife, promise to complete us?”

I couldn’t speak. I wrapped my arms around him, bringing his head down to the crease of my neck as I nuzzled into his. My legs wrapped firmly around his waist as I dug the heels of my feet into his ass, urging and begging him to move.

His laugh resonated against my skin. “Is that a yes?” His head lifted to look into my eyes.

I swallowed and inhaled, catching the breath I needed. “I can’t promise I will never love another man,” I whispered against his ear. His body stilled. I quickly continued before I ruined the moment and he passed out from lack of oxygen. “If he looks like you.” His eyes widened. “And calls me Mommy, I will love him.”

His breath rushed out of him, warming my lips. “Promise me!” he demanded with a thrust of his hips. His full length glided against my inner walls, eliciting pleasure into my core. “Promise me,” he growled in frustration as his body covered every part of mine.

“I promise, I promise!” I cried out as he took me over the edge, onwards to make a start on the promises we both made.

MY TONGUE WAS STUCK TO the roof of my mouth. So dry. I needed water. Everything was dry; my mouth, my eyes, even my joints felt brittle and tight.

My mind tackled the hazy fog, attempting to clear a path into consciousness. My body raged war with my mind, wanting to keep me in the sanctuary of my dreams, but my body needed hydrating, urging me to waken.