Favorite Obsession(Royal Pride Book 3)

By: Nancy Corrigan

A Multiple Shifter Paranormal Romance

Chapter One

Josh Conway leaned against the wall at the far end of the bar. It was his favorite spot for surveying the Black Widow. From here, he had a perfect view of dance floor and about half of the booths. The rest of the tables, and the front door, were visible in mirrors he’d had installed after he bought the place from his dad.

In the five years he’d been in charge, he’d made a lot of changes, all for the better, at least in his opinion. The Black Widow had gone from being a dive to becoming a popular drinking establishment, complete with food, live music, and dancing.

Yeah, he was proud of the turnaround and attributed the success to having fewer troublemakers hanging around. That meant not only keeping bouncers on the payroll but him being visible to the college kids and locals who wanted to get drunk and start a fight. The regulars knew when they saw him standing here, they weren’t getting away with crap, not the drug deals that used to be commonplace or the harassment of women that had given his family’s business a bad name.

Josh was counting on his presence in his normal spot being enough to dissuade potentially illegal activities tonight. Even though he made a point of scanning the room, he wasn’t paying attention. His entire focus centered on the verbal fight playing out between Mira and Devin, two of the many shifters who’d become important to Josh over the past couple of months.

Something big was going down. Josh had no idea what. Since he was human, he didn’t get all the details involving the pride, only the stuff that concerned Megan, the shifter child his deceased brother had adopted and Josh had since become responsible for. Even then, the scraps of information they deemed worthy of sharing were already common knowledge among the shifters.

This time he wasn’t going to sit around and wait for them to decide to inform him of what was happening. He’d get his answers, even if he had to coerce the information out of them.

Josh focused on Mira and Devin. Sometimes he could pick up clues by reading their lips, not a skill he excelled at but he’d been improving. Of course Mira chose that moment to stop speaking.

She pressed her lips into a thin line and stared at Devin. Her twin matched her glare. A minute passed, then another. Neither moved. They wouldn’t either. They’d hold each other’s unblinking gazes until someone intervened. Josh refused to be that person. He’d had enough of their asinine politics and their narrow-minded rules. It was about time he made some of his own. First, though, he needed to know what had all the shifters snapping at each other.

A slow inspection of the Black Widow’s main bar area showed his ex-girlfriend, Jazz, and Rafe, her shifter mate, swaying in a suggestive dance that bordered on being inappropriate in public.

Josh took in the drowsy look on Jazz’s face and the lust on Rafe’s and felt nothing. Not a twinge of jealousy. Hard to believe Josh had been adamant about getting back together with her a couple months ago. Of course that was before he met Mira. One glance into her exotic feline eyes and his life had done a one-eighty.

His gaze drifted to her. He couldn’t help it. Mira acted as a magnet, always pulling his attention back to her.

People talked about love at first sight all the time. He’d always thought it a bullshit line to get a woman naked. Yeah, not anymore. Maybe love was the wrong word for what he felt for Mira. Obsession. Stark need. Unquenchable lust. Those matched his emotions better. Didn’t matter what label he slapped on it. She was the girl his dad had warned him about—the one woman who’d grab him by the balls and not let him go.

No truer words had been said. Mira owned him.

Knowing he wouldn’t get any answers staring at her like some lovesick teenager, he continued his survey of the bar. Among the patrons, he picked out the few wolf shifters who’d become regulars and dismissed them as potential sources of information. When questioned about any of the pride members, they always gave the same answer—talk to Kade. Hard to do when the Alexander pride leader hadn’t been to the bar since the night Lena had almost died.

Josh turned his attention to the petite human female who’d tamed Devin. Lena sat on one of the stools at the opposite end of the bar, gazing in the direction of her mate. From the distant expression she wore, her mind wasn’t on the silent battle going down several feet away. Unfortunately, Josh could probably guess what had put the haunted look on her girl-next-door face—concern over her sisters, Gwen and Molly.

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