Fighting Destiny

By: Shelly Morgan

 (Forsaken Sinners MC; Book 2)


This book is for my girls; Debbie, Sara, and Mary.

Thank you for those late night chats, for keeping my head on straight, and for always telling me how it is. I wouldn’t be where I am right now if it weren’t for you girls.

You all are not only my beta readers, but have become my friends – my sisters.

You girls are the best!

So here’s to more late night chats (even those that turn into talking about flab, pears and meatballs lol), to always sharing those sexy guy photos that make our days seem better (even for a couple of minutes), and to more books that rock peoples world!

I love you three to pieces <3 <3 <3

Destiny or One’s Fate

A poem by Ethan Radcliff

An interesting trait,

They say it’s a date,

And one can’t be late.

But what if you decide,

You’re taking a different ride.

You’re making your own way,

And picking another day.

We make choices they say,

As to how we’ll make it play.

Destiny it’s come what may,

Should we stay, never stray?

I say take a chance,

Do a different step or dance.

Create your fate,

Change your date.

Destiny, it’s never really too late.


A month earlier

I don’t see anyone as I walk into the gym, so after dropping my bag off in the locker room, I head over to the treadmill to start my warm-up. I hope someone comes in soon that can spar with me because I’ve been itching for a fight. Things with the club haven’t been too rough lately – not that I’m complaining – but I need to release this pent-up energy somehow. And since I can’t do it at the club and I don’t schedule fights anymore, I need to find someone here that will help me work this out of my system.

Ten minutes later I’m rewarded when I see Dani walk in. This girl is something else. She’s like me in a lot of ways, but there is a softer side to her too that she doesn’t show to most. When she started working for Mack, I knew something bad had happened to her. She had this beaten, broken down by life look to her, but I never pushed for information. Instead, I showed her how to channel her anger and taught her ways to make sure she was never in a situation she couldn’t control again. I taught her to fight.

“Yo, Dani, what brings you in this early? You need me to wear ya out because Blaze isn’t fuckin’ ya enough?” This has her flipping me off as she walks into the locker room, but I see the smile on her face so I know she’s all right. Dani is like a sister to me. I’m always acting like her big, overprotective brother, which drives her fucking crazy, but that’s what makes it so much fun.

After she’s changed, she heads straight to the ring and I follow, knowing that we’re here for the same reasons.

We start out slow, each taking our time before going full throttle, but this won’t last long. I used to take it easy on her in the ring, not wanting to hurt her or give her more than she could handle, but after years of working with her, I know she can take what I throw at her. That doesn’t mean that I fight her like I would in an actual fight, but I don’t take it easy on her, either. I learned the hard way that if she feels you aren’t giving her everything you’ve got, you’re going to feel her wrath and let me tell you this―Dani is one tough bitch, and I mean that in the most sincerest way.

She’s the first to take our sparring to the next level. She fakes a right cross and catches me off guard with a left uppercut. Fuck, that hurt! Shaking it off, I smile at her. Game on.

An hour later, we’ve both had enough. It still amazes me that sometimes I can get a better workout with her than some of the guys around here, but what can I say, she learned from the best.

Throwing a towel in my face, she plops down to stretch out her body. Out of the corner of my eye, I can see some of the guys checking her out. Catching my glare, they quickly look away. I’m not blind, I know that she’s fucking hot, but I’ve never had an attraction towards her. The only feeling I got when I first met her was that she needed someone to protect her, so I took on that role and it’s been that way ever since.

When she’s done, she gets up and comes over to me, rubbing my shaved head. “Lovin’ the new do, Toby, or should I start calling you Mr. Clean?” I’ve always kept my hair short, liking the buzz cut I’ve had since joining the marines, but a couple nights ago I shaved it all off, leaving only my facial hair. I’m still getting used to it but it’s working for me.