Finding the Light

By: Kassidy Carter


This dedication goes out to Kelly Williams. If she didn’t fight for Dan, he would not be here today.

Thank you, Kelly, for sticking with me and helping me as much as you have. You are an amazing person and friend.

Dan also thanks you for saving his life.


Red-hot pain slices through my body. The source? I don’t know and, right now, I don’t think I give a shit. I never thought I would wish death upon myself. So many times, I’ve wanted the reaper to come take me away from all the pain and horror I have faced. Every time I’ve called for him, the bastard never showed. Leaving me there to hang or lay in my misery.

The first night was the worst, it was the only time I felt everything. When I was shot, my head hit the ground, knocking me out. As I felt the bullet pierce through me, I heard the sad sound of Rylee’s screams, and all I hoped for was that they got away. When I woke up, I was hanging from the ceiling, with my arms raised above my head and my toes barely touching the cold white tile. As I took in my surroundings, I knew right away what room I was in, and panic hit me hard. It’s the room Mason’s father uses to torture and kill people. I’d watched him do it plenty of times.

“The traitor is awake,” a voice says. I can sense people in the room, but I can’t see them. The voice I hear is Beck’s. He is talking to someone, but I can’t see who it is. “You want to tell us where they went?” The question hisses out of his mouth. He is like a snake, ready to strike and release his venom.

“Fuck off.” It comes out more powerful than I feel. I know, for sure, I won’t spill Mason’s plans to Beck. The fact that he is asking means that they got away.

“You’re not really in the position to be talking big,” he snaps out and launches a punch into my side. It takes my breath away and the pain lingers for a while.

“As I said before, go fuck yourself,” I spit out in pain.

“Dan, I always saw you as a brother, as a friend, but right now I want to see you suffer. I want to see you beg for your pathetic life.”

“I am not begging for shit.”

“You might change your mind,” he hisses again before disappearing behind me. Pain is all I felt at first, followed by warm liquid running down my back. Slice after slice, I see my blood hit the floor. I bite back screams, not wanting to give him any emotion. I don’t want him to know the pain is getting to me. Another slice, and I bite down hard to keep from screaming.

I’m not sure when the slicing ended, I passed out after the fifth or sixth cut to my back. When I woke up, Beth was at my side cleaning me up. I’m too weak to move or talk. I’m on my stomach, and she is sitting beside me running a wet sponge over my back. I try to speak, but she tells me to shhhh. Turning my head, I look at her and watch her. She won’t look at me, but I can still see her eyes. They are full of sadness and hurt. Lifting my arm, I push her hand away as I struggle to sit up. Searing pain shoots down my back, feeling like I’ve been set on fire.

“Dan, you need to rest.”

“What happened?” I ask before I collapse back down.

“Beck and Michael carved you like a pumpkin, then dumped you in here an hour ago. I was told to come in and take care of you.”

Breathing harshly, I lay there and try to play back everything that has happened. The only thing I can remember is Rylee, being shot, followed by the room. My thoughts go back to Rylee and Mason.

“Is Rylee here?” the question comes out soft.

“No, they did not get them. They found you and brought you here. Beck gave up when you passed out. He will be back for you, Dan. As much as I love Mason, he is like a brother to me, but you need to tell them where they are going. Beck will kill you.”

She knows I won’t rat Mason out. The fact she even asks me to hurts a little and pisses me off. She is the one person I know I can trust and the one person who I know will have my back, other than Mason. “I will not tell them. If they find them, you need to help get Rylee out of here, or make sure she doesn’t do anything stupid.”

“Dan, I won’t let them hurt her, but you need to stay alive. Please, reconsider telling them.”

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