Flames of Desire(3)

By: Leah Brooke

Because of that, she’d decided that meddling in their lives was her due.

Recently, she’d come to the conclusion that they’d been single long enough and had made up her mind to find the perfect woman for them.

Shrugging, she set her glass aside. “You and Zach are getting a little too stuffy yourselves. You need a woman.”

Zach came through the front door with a beer in each hand. “Uh-oh. You got her started again.”

Law accepted the cold beer from his brother with a sigh. “I didn’t get her started. She turns every conversation into us needing to find a woman.”

“Why do all women think every single man needs a woman?” Pausing to kiss Hope’s hair, he lowered himself into the seat next to her. “Law and I have a very active social life.”

“Bullshit.” Hope leaned back and smiled at each of them. “You both go to benefits and fancy parties, each of you with a beautiful woman on your arm that means nothing to you.”

Law glanced at Zach, the truth of her words depressing him. Forcing a smile, he took a sip of his beer before answering. “How do you know they mean nothing to us?”

“Because you don’t ever bring them to Desire, and you don’t ever share them.”

Shaking his head, Law gave her what he hoped was a convincing smile. “Zach and I are very happy with our lives in Dallas.”

Hope sat back and swung her foot, eyeing his steadily. “Once again—bullshit. If you’re so happy with your life there, why are you so excited about building a house here? You come to Desire every chance you get. You go to the club every time you come here. You can’t wait to get there, and the next day, you’re both as grumpy as bears because you haven’t found what you’re looking for.”

Law inwardly winced, not realizing that his sister-in-law saw so much. “Lack of sleep.” He didn’t want her to know that the nights they’d spent at the club, they spent most of their time playing cards and talking to their friends.

He and Zach had enjoyed the pleasures to be found in dominating women for years—the excitement of seeing how far they could go. How much pleasure they could give.

The excitement, though, had begun to wane a long time ago, when they both realized that sex with a stranger wasn’t enough.

He wanted what the other men in Desire had.

He wanted a woman to fill the emptiness inside him.

He wanted a woman to love—and one who loved him—and Zach.

“And a pain-in-the-neck waking us up to ask us questions about the club before we’ve had our coffee.” Zach touched his cold bottle to her foot, smiling when she yelped. “You try to get information out of us before we’re awake enough to censor ourselves. Ace needs to spank your bottom more often.”

To Law’s amusement, Hope sighed, a small devious smile playing at her lips.

“True. True. He’s been too busy with the new deputies to pay much attention to me.” Lifting her drink again, she grinned, flashing her dimples. “I’m giving him a week, and then I’m going to ambush him.”

Frowning, Law sat forward, amused at Hope’s daring. “Ambush him how?”

The change in Ace convinced Law that marrying Hope had been the smartest thing his too-serious brother had ever done.

Hope was a handful, and she kept his brother on his toes.

Hope forced Ace to play and brought out the Dominant in Ace that his older brother had fought to hide for most of his adult life.

She made Ace happier than Law had ever seen him, and for that, Law would be eternally grateful.

He and Zach adored her.

Giggling, Hope rose to her feet. “I can’t tell you, or you’ll tell him.” Picking up her empty glass, she pursed her lips. “Tell you what, I’ll tell you just enough that, when you rat me out, it’ll keep your brother on his toes.” Leaning over him, she smiled. “I’m going to do something that he won’t be able to ignore.”

Zach threw his head back and laughed. “You would tempt the devil himself. You know that Ace won’t put up with being manipulated.”

“Yep.” Hope winked at him. “That’s what I’m counting on.” Waving her hand in the air, she shot a warning look at both of them. “But that’s not what we were talking about. We were talking about the fact that neither one of you shares women in Dallas, and you keep coming home because that’s what you really want.”