Forced Series Box Set:Books 1-5(2)

By: Celia Aaron

I started at her shoulders, smoothing my big palms over her small frame and then ran them down her sides, feeling the generous swells of her breasts under my fingertips. She made a sound of protest. I moved closer to her, pressing my erection into her backside as I gripped her. On the grainy video, it would look like a regular pat down.


I smiled at her objection and yanked her arms behind her. The cuffs clicked into place around her small wrists, and I dragged her along to my cruiser.

“You can’t arrest me! I didn’t do anything. I want to speak to my lawyer. This is a violation of the Constitution. I’ll have your badge for this.” And finally, my very favorite came out of her mouth. “Don’t you know who I am?”

I shoved her down into the backseat so she was eye level with the bulge in my trousers.

“Oh.” The word escaped her. I slammed the door in her face and went back to her car to collect her bag and the registration papers from the glove box.

I returned to the cruiser and slid behind the wheel. “Reckless driving, ma’am, is an offense leading to arrest in this state. So is assaulting a police officer.”

She went back to sputtering about how she’d been railroaded. I kept everything nice and professional on the cruiser video. She had no idea what I was about to do to her. Cuffing her little wrists was acute agony. I wanted to be the one holding them, pressing her down while I rammed my cock into her until I coated her pussy with my seed.

I smirked, thinking of how much Alexi was going to enjoy fucking this bitch’s mouth. She’d been writing and spewing tales about him – all true, of course – in the paper and on the Internet. He was going to ride her hard, make her pay for every word she wrote. I was more than happy to watch, to hold her down while she begged us to stop.

I drove to Alexi’s warehouse and pulled around to the back. I flipped the cruiser camera off. I’d gotten enough to prove my case should Jessica decide to tell anyone I’d mistreated her during her arrest. And no one would believe a word out of her mouth about what was about to happen. It was all too far-fetched. Not to mention the fact that I intended to keep her in the holding cell for at least a week before letting her speak to anyone but me.

I rose from the car, my cock still painfully huge in my pants. God, was I going to fuck her so hard she wouldn’t walk straight for a week. I yanked her from the back. She kept talking about her rights. About freedom of the press. I dug a pair of her stolen panties from my pocket and shoved them into her mouth. That shut her up.

Alexi and I had planned this trap to perfection. Jessica fell for it. She would pay the price. I couldn’t wait. What Jessica didn’t know, hadn’t written, was that the kingpin and I had been working together for quite some time. Jessica was just our newest illegal venture.

Alexi Karasov made money from various dirty deals and ruled this city with money from connections back in Russia and his criminal enterprises here. I kept him safe from the prying eyes of any state investigations. His payoffs had created a nice little offshore retirement fund for me, far more than I could ever make on a cop’s salary. And, to be honest, I enjoyed doing his enforcement work. I didn’t bat an eyelash when I was sent to break some lowlife’s fingers or torch a drug lab.

I dragged Jessica into the warehouse and pushed her ahead of me into a back room. It was smaller, likely having been previously used as a freezer. There was a drain in the concrete floor, naked bulbs surrounded by cages hanging from the low ceiling, and a metal table in the center.

I threw her bag just inside the door and guided her to the middle of the room. I pushed her onto the table and forced her to scoot back before I wedged my thighs between hers. Her skirt was drawn tight against her.

Her eyes grew wide, fear now apparent in their glint. I yanked her shirt open, not giving two shits about the fabric. Buttons popped off and rolled, most winding up in the grate beneath my feet. She shook under my hands. I smiled as I caught sight of her lacy bra, her stiff, pink nipples showing through. I smiled. She wanted it.

“You going to start without me?” Alexi strode in behind me and shut the door with a ponderous clang.