Forced Series Box Set:Books 1-5(3)

By: Celia Aaron

“Not a chance. I just wanted a look.”

“Go on then.” Alexi stood to her side.

When she realized who it was she started shaking her head and trying to free her wrists. The cuffs made a jangling sound against the metal table.

Alexi tsked. “Oh, dear, oh dear.” His dark eyes perused her body. “We must remove these cuffs from our guest. We don’t want her injured.”

He removed the cuffs’ keys from my belt as I held her thighs down with my hands. Not that it mattered, there was nowhere for her to go. Alexi was a large, dark-haired Russian. I was a cornfed country boy with blonde hair. Together, we were an immovable wall of muscle hellbent on only one thing — enjoying Jessica. She had no chance of escape, not until she was dripping with our cum, anyway.

He uncuffed her and then gripped the hem of her shirt before wrenching it off her in a smooth movement. He pulled out a blade from his pocket and cut through the front of her bra. Her breasts sprang free, the tips hard and upturned. Every shiver that went through her body made them quake. Every quake went right to my cock, making it leak into my shorts.

She raised a hand to strike me. I caught it easily. “Listen, little bitch. If you hit me, I can hit ten times harder, understand? I don’t want to hurt you.” I thought for a moment as Alexi laughed. “Well, we are going to hurt you. We’re going to fuck you so hard you won’t be able to think, much less able to write your little stories. But I don’t want to hit you, unless you want me to. Unless you make me.”

She was still gagged, but she seemed to melt in front of me. She must have realized there was zero chance of her getting out of this without first giving us what we wanted.

Alexi pocketed the knife. “I’m done toying with her. I want my cock inside her.”

I couldn’t have agreed more. I shucked what was left of her bra off her and pushed her back on the table. Alexi grabbed her hands and pinned them above her head. Her heels fell off, clattering to the floor beneath. I kicked them away. I grabbed the top of her skirt and yanked. The back ripped down the center seam and the fabric came away easily. She wore white panties just like the ones I’d shoved into her mouth. I pulled them off, enjoying the sight of the red curls I’d seen so many times on video.

Alexi had already freed his cock, stroking it as he watched me strip her. He reached over and removed her gag.

“I want to hear you scream for me, bitch.”

She obliged, her cries for help echoing through the room but going no further. God, her screams made my cock jump to attention, straining toward the tight sweetness that I was spreading open with my palms against her pale thighs.

“Please don’t. I promise I won’t write any more stories about you. I swear it. Please, Mr. Karasov, please!”

“I like it when you call me that. Do it again.”

“Please, Mr. Karasov. I’ll never write another word. I swear.”

Alexi smiled down into her face. “Too late for that, little Jessica. My friend Jackson and I are going to teach you a lesson. Understand? We do everything together. Shake down drug dealers, enforce my brand of discipline, and fuck cunts like you. Isn’t that right Jackson?”

“Guilty on all counts. But I have to say, her sweet pussy.” I put my face right in front of it and inhaled. “Is probably my favorite thing of all that we’re going to do together.”

“Get her ready for me. I want to bury myself in her.” Alexi ordered.

I didn’t hesitate, just settled my face in her cunt, licking at her sweet cream. I wanted her taste all over my five o’clock shadow. She froze beneath me and then tried to wriggle away. When I seized on her clit and sucked she whimpered.

“That’s right, bitch. Let Jackson work you.” Alexi said and continued to stroke himself. When she whimpered again, he said, “Her sounds are going to make me come all over my fucking hand.”

I stabbed my tongue inside and felt her walls contract around me. I pushed her thighs farther apart, no doubt leaving bruises where my fingertips hit her. I could tell she was fighting the pleasure, but I wasn’t going to give her anywhere to run from it. My cock ached with the need to fill her, but I wanted to hear her scream first.