Forced Series Box Set:Books 1-5(4)

By: Celia Aaron

Alexi bent over and feasted on her tits. She moaned like a whore so loudly that I unfastened my pants with one hand and finally began stroking my aching shaft. The tip was already weeping, demanding entry where my mouth was.

I went to work on her clit, lashing it with my tongue harder and faster until her hips bucked off the table.

“Please stop. Please don’t make me. Please!” she cried to the ceiling.

I doubled my efforts and sank two fingers into her wet snatch. She was soaked. She wanted this. No matter how much she was fighting it, her body didn’t lie. When I slipped my pinky finger inside her tight asshole, her pussy clenched and she screamed out as she came. Her walls tightened around my fingers, crushing them like she’d soon be doing to my cock. I licked at all her cream, lapping it up as she settled back down.

“I can’t take anymore. I need to be inside this hot cunt right now,” Alexi said.

Chapter Three


I let her hands loose and prowled around her where she lay on the table. She watched me with those huge, seemingly innocent eyes. After I was done, there would be no innocence left. Jackson and I were going to take every last drop.

“I can’t wait any longer. Jackson, fuck her mouth. I’m getting first hit on her pussy.”

Jackson dropped his pants all the way and crawled up over her. She tried to roll away from him, but it was useless. He was too big, pinning her beneath his large thighs. He settled above her chest, his long, thick cock hovering in front of her mouth. She reached up to push him away.

He grabbed both hands and wrenched them above her, pinning them again and putting his cock even more front and center. “You’re going to take it all. No teeth, or you’ll regret it.”

I didn’t have any access issues to deal with. Her legs were spread wide before me. I slid inside so easy, she was already fucking drenched with her own cream.

“Fuck, she wants it so bad.”

I began pumping, my hips, pistoning back and forth into her tight, wet snatch. I couldn’t see her face, but I could hear wet, sloppy sounds. Jackson’s ass flexed and released, flexed and released as he plunged into her mouth. I bet her tongue was like silk against him.

I couldn’t focus on what Jackson was doing because the view of my hard cock shoving into her pink, wet pussy was enough to make me shoot my load. I picked up my pace, no longer bringing the tip almost all the way out. I pounded her, making her body shake. The smacking sound of skin on skin filled the small chamber as I put it to her hard, the way she deserved.

I reached down and thumbed her clit. Her hips answered, rolling up to meet my stroke before settling back down. I fucked her harder, demanding that she give in and admit she liked every bit of this. I thumbed her clit as I plunged in and out. She was tightening with me inside, clamping down on my cock like a smooth vise.

“I think this bitch is going to come for me.”

“Good. Because I’m about to come down her throat. Bitch has been deep-throating me. You should see her face. She’s fucking loving it.”

I licked her wetness off my thumb and went back to her sweet nub, stroking her until her hips had no choice but to react and ride on my cock. With my other hand, I reached around and spread her ass cheeks. Her hole was already wet, either from Jackson’s mouth or her own sweet juice. I didn’t care which. I sank my finger inside her, letting her pull it deeper as I worked her clit.

Her body jerked with each impact and I felt her constricting around me. She was about to come. I wanted to last through it and keep thrusting deeper and deeper, but her grip on my cock was too much. I came with a yell, spurting hot jets of cum deep inside her pussy. Jackson heard me and his ass stopped its motion as he came down her throat. He groaned to the ceiling as he gave one final thrust.

“Shit, she just swallowed all of me,” he said and climbed off.

His dick was already getting its second wind. Mine was too, coming back to life at the view laid out before us. Jessica took in gulps of air, her pussy glistening wet and a thin line of cum trailing down her chin.

“I have to get some of that mouth before we’re done here.”

“I want her tight ass,” Jackson said as we switched positions. “Turn her over.”