Forced Series Box Set:Books 1-5(70)

By: Celia Aaron

After a week and a half of silence, I was surprised to see a message from Goldilocks pop up in my inbox.

Dear HardcoreDom,

I’ve missed you quite a bit. Though you were naughty, I’ve forgiven you. Here’s a video to tide you over. I’ll be home tonight at 8 p.m. if you’d like to review the film in person.


I opened the attached file. It was an image of her ass and pussy. The golden toy was snugged inside her and her fingers worked her pink skin. Before long, cries of “Jericho” pealed from her lips. I came in my jeans. I had never done that before, but Renna’s little exhibitionist video had pushed me further than I even thought possible.

Of course, I’d counted the hours until 8 p.m. I’d had to take two cold showers to calm my raging erection. My cock got carried away at even the hint of seeing her again, much less during my multiple re-watches of her video.

Now, in front of her bedroom door, I was nervous, far more nervous than I had been when I’d shown up as HardcoreDom. This time, it was just me, Jericho, begging her to take me back. I raised a sweaty hand and knocked.

“Come in.” Her voice was a purr, causing something in my brain to short circuit entirely. I wanted her to purr like that again when I was balls deep inside her.

I pushed the door open and had trouble catching my breath.

Renna was naked except for a collar at her throat in my team colors. She’d clamped her plump nipples. Her legs were spread wide and her pussy was already wet, ready for me.

“I’m wide open for a touchdown, QB. Do you think you can make it into the end zone?” Her voice was a tease. I barely comprehended her. My view was filled with everything I wanted, and I was in my own, private heaven.

I slammed the door behind me, stripped, and climbed on top of her. I sank my cock deep inside her as she moaned her approval.

I licked her sweet lips. “Keep your eyes on the scoreboard Goldy, because I’m about to light it the fuck up.”