Forced Series Box Set:Books 1-5

By: Celia Aaron

Forced by the Kingpin

Chapter One


Jessica was in my rearview. She thought she was far enough back that I couldn’t see her. Of course I could. I’d followed her every move for the past month. Nothing she did escaped my notice, not since she first pinged on my radar.

Jessica was a journalist. She thought she could expose me.

I ran the underground in my city – prostitutes, drugs, protection money. Jessica tried to track me down, to pin all my sins on me in print. She’d gotten close, too close. Now, she was mine. Her tight little body had to be punished, and I was all too happy to do what needed to be done.

I smiled and floored it, the muscle car roaring beneath me and plunging into the dark night ahead. She would follow. Jessica was foolhardy and naïve, just what I needed to make my trap work.

The car ate up the ground at a hellish pace as I’d intended. I needed her speeding through the night with me. She obliged, her headlights coming back into view. We were flying out along a road leading to the industrial park I owned.

I reached down and smoothed the heel of my palm along my already hard cock. I was going to be buried balls deep in Jessica’s sweet pussy in under an hour. I wanted her begging, screaming for me to stop. I wouldn’t. Nothing would keep me from her, from what was mine.

I shook my head at her failure to appreciate the danger she’d put herself in. She thought I’d been her obsession all this time, when in fact, she was mine. She’d been investigating my empire for months. Visiting my businesses, sticking her nose where it didn’t belong. I’d watched every moment of surveillance footage, observing her round ass, her high, ample tits.

She was smart, asked all the right questions, and had actually been digging up a good bit of dirt. Clever and resourceful, she made a worthy adversary. But I didn’t want her for her mind.

I’d planted cameras in her house, her office, anywhere she went. I knew what she had on me. I knew who her few friends were. I knew she preferred writing about me over any other assignment.

I knew what she looked like naked. I knew she had red curls at her snatch and a perfect little pink pussy.

I’d been through her computer. I hated every time she emailed or texted with some other man. I didn’t give a damn if it was for work. She was mine. Every part of her body belonged to me. I was going to mark it as my territory tonight. She would never even be able to look at her pussy without first thinking of me, thinking of my face or my cock buried there.

I even knew what sort of porn she liked to watch. I laughed. She loved questionable consent scenes. Straight up tie her down and fuck her raw shit. What was so funny was that was exactly what she was going to get. I was going to discipline her. To make her never again think to look into my business ventures. I was going to fuck every hole on that little bitch’s body and leave her soaked in my cum.

I imagined her red hair, those blue eyes looking up at me as I fucked her mouth. My little obsession’s lips would be filled with my cock, my spend, in no time at all. And not just mine.

I dialed. “Light her up.”

“Got it.” Jackson’s voice came back before the connection ended.

I saw his red and blue lights in my rearview as he sped behind Jessica’s white SUV. She was a good girl. She pulled over like she was supposed to, just like I knew she would.

My cock ached at the thought of Jackson getting to touch her first. We’d shared plenty of women before, but Jessica was special. I would be the first to sink into her sweet cunt, the first to make her scream.

Chapter Two


I walked up to Jessica’s car, my shit kickers crunching on the gravel roadside. Her blue eyes were luminous in the moonlight.

“Officer, I know I was speeding, but I’m on a really important assignment for the Daily Herald, so if you don’t mind—”

“Step out of the vehicle ma’am.”

Her mouth shouldn’t be wasted talking. It should be wrapped around my shaft. It was already straining against the zipper of my uniform. This was going to be good.

She gave an exasperated sigh before removing her seat belt and obeying.

“Face the vehicle.”

She crossed her arms over her chest. She was wearing a graphite gray pencil skirt and a button up white blouse. Her hair was loose, blowing in the light breeze. I wanted to fist it and force her down to suck me off right then and there. I didn’t. I grabbed her arm and turned her forcefully against her car.