Garden of Dragons(153)

By: Meara Platt

“You dare refer to the sacred Stone of Draloch as useless!” Ygraine, eldest female on his council, stepped forward. By the nods of the others, Cadeyrn saw that she spoke for all of them. “The stone is the key to our salvation, the words written upon it our guiding light. Lord Brihann is desperate to stop us before we solve that useless riddle. He knows it will give us the power to destroy him.”

“And if we don’t destroy him,” Fiergrin added, his tone somber, “we’ll be forced to join him, forced to lose our fragile souls to the darkness as he did long ago.”

“I know. You needn’t remind me of the peril.”

“Well?” Ygraine stepped close and put a hand on his shoulder, surprising Cadeyrn. How long had it been since any of the Fae had touched each other in that purposeless, human way? Ygraine must have reached back thousands of years for that long ago memory. The girl called Melody had touched him as well, running her hands everywhere on his body … well, almost everywhere.

Cadeyrn turned to stare at the vicarage. “Give me one more moon rise. Then you’ll have your answer.”


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