Go to Hail (The Hail Raisers Book 2)(4)

By: Lani Lynn Vale

“What happened?”

Hannah dropped the clothes on the back of the couch and circled it, stopping beside the chair that was at an angle to the couch, and planted herself in it.

I tried not to watch the way her shorts rode up her thighs, or the way her breasts that were full of milk for our child practically spilled out of her shirt.

She wasn’t wearing a bra, either.

I swallowed and looked back down at the coffee table.

All the numbers that I was crunching were blurring together.

“The lady at the counter that had checked us out knew me. Knew that Alex was my child.” I sighed. “Since she’s the owner, everyone was a whole lot more forgiving. Plus, you know how Tanny is. She’s so freakin’ grandmotherly that nobody would dare challenge her word.”

Hannah’s mouth twitched, but just as quickly, that humor fled.

“You need to do something here, Travis.”

I knew it.

She knew it.

We all fucking knew it.

I just didn’t know what to do.

“I don’t know how to fix this,” I admitted. “I’m literally hanging on, doing everything I can, but it’s never enough.”

She didn’t come to me. Didn’t put her hands on me. Didn’t even twitch.

God, I wanted that so badly.

But Allegra had already proven that she would do just about anything to keep me exactly how she wanted me.

If there was an award for most awful ex-wife, Allegra would win it twice.

She didn’t want me. She divorced me a year after Alex was born, and that was a shocker.

I’d thought that everything was going great. Sure, I was a distracted man at times since I was helping grow a business with Dante, but I was still home every night by five, home on the weekends. She had a nice house, good clothes covering her back, and a cleaning lady that came in once a week to make sure Allegra didn’t have to stress herself.

Then, one day out of the blue, she’d decided to leave.

There’d been no convincing her to stay, and I’d been left feeling incredibly confused.

Alex had been, too.

And for her, I’d decided that the best thing to do was not to fight it. To get our lives back to normal—or as normal as two adults and a child could be when they were no longer a family—and make sure that Alex never wanted for anything. But she did that staying with her mother.

We’d worked out a visitation schedule without lawyers. We’d split as amicably as a man could when he didn’t want to leave his wife, and things had become our new normal.

Only Allegra was a bitch. This I found out over the next seven years as I started to get out in the world. To be happy again.

The moment that I slept with my first woman after Allegra, Alex missed her first Wednesday visitation with me. Because Allegra, supposedly, ‘forgot.’

It only got worse after that.

Chapter 2

I’m skipping the gym today because I already have a six-pack. At home. In the fridge.

-Things you probably shouldn’t say to your personal trainer


I woke up the next morning, my eyes heavy with sleep.

TJ hadn’t had a good night, and since Hannah had to go back to work tomorrow, I volunteered to help.

The problem was that the only thing I could really help with at this point was going to get him, changing his diaper, and handing him over.

Yesterday, she’d started pumping for him to have his meals at daycare. But I couldn’t feed him those in the middle of the night, otherwise he wouldn’t have any to eat while Hannah was gone during the day.

Hence why I’d only done the easy things and then handed him over.

When I’d walked into her room in the middle of the night with TJ in my arms, I’d frozen to the spot.

She wore nothing but a t-shirt and panties.

Her breasts were unbound, and they were pressing against the t-shirt (my t-shirt that she’d stolen when she’d gotten too pregnant to wear anything else but my shirts and her scrubs) with delicious intent.

I’d barely had the heart to wake her, but since TJ had started crying, effectively putting an end to anything I’d wanted, it hadn’t mattered.

“Do you know what I’m putting on my pancakes?” Reggie whispered conspiratorially in my ear.

I grinned and opened my eyes, rolling just my head on the pillow to see Reggie within inches of my face.

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