Going Down Hard (Doing Bad Things Book 1)

By: Jordan Marie
Doing Bad Things Series Book 1



There’s a defining moment in every woman’s life. The only variable is when it happens. Mine was in high school. Senior year prom at Freemont High, to be exact.

I should start by saying that high school was an exercise in self torture for me. I hated every minute of it. Whoever started that saying that said high school was the best years of your life? Yeah. They had to be high when they said it. In fact, they were probably part of the stoner crowd.

I am not.

I don’t actually fit in with any of the groups that have segregated off in high school. Not rich enough for the in crowd, not pretty enough for the popular crowd, not flexible or athletic enough for the jock crowd, not smart enough for the geeks…. You get the picture I’m painting…right?

I’m just me—Casey Langley. I have one super power and it consists of being able to fade into the woodwork—which I’ve done most of my life—especially when it came to school.

I wouldn’t even be at the prom tonight, if my mother hadn’t guilted me into it. I love my mother, but she could earn medals in delivering guilt trips. Rather than disappoint her for life and “stealing away her happiness at seeing me dressed up like a princess,” I caved.

Which is why I’m standing against the wall of Freemont Central’s gym watching all the people dance. I don’t belong here—despite what my expensive, more than my mother could afford, white silk and sequined covered, last year’s model-so no longer in style, dress says. I’m staring at the clock and I’ve been here exactly one hour. Would that be enough to convince my mother that I came here, had a blast, got my dance moves on and decided to come home early? I’m pretty sure the answer is no.

I back out of the gym, unable to watch all the happy couples. I find myself walking toward the football field. The large field lights are on, shining down on the green turf below and reflecting off of the aluminum bleachers. It’s empty out here and I immediately feel better getting the fresh air into my lungs and leaving the loud, drumming music behind. I walk to the bleachers and sit on the bottom one—too lazy to climb the stairs. I lean back against the metal and look up at the moon in the sky.

“Looks like I’m not the only one wishing the prom was over.”

My head jerks as the voice reaches me. I know it instantly, even though I’ve never spoken to the owner before. Gavin O’Leary.

He’s a solid 6’5” mass of muscle that makes me weak in the knees. We’ve gone through school together and yet we’ve never said the first word to each other. This is quite simply because Gavin O’Leary is out of my reach. He’s the most popular of the popular crowd, the star football player, the star athlete really. He dates the homecoming queen, the head cheerleader and most recently he’s begun dating Bella Dupree. Does the name sound familiar? If not, it should. Her mother was a Hollywood socialite forever and Bella seems poised to take her spotlight. Bella and Gavin look so good together, it’s as if they were made for the big screen. Rumors are that’s what each have planned after graduation. Which seems fitting. I mean I’ve spent most of my life, watching Gavin and never being able to speak to him—why not spend the rest of it staring at him on the big screen and never speaking to him?

Yet, here he is. Standing not two feet away from me, dressed in a black tuxedo with a white rose in the lapel, his short, wavy dirty blonde hair tossed and caressed by the warm California wind. He’s every dream I’ve ever had, but now that he’s here, I’m struggling on how to react…what to say…

“Yeah,” I answer, being nothing but original—and lame. My voice comes out with a squeak, my throat dry as a desert. I can’t even lift my gaze to look at him. He’s too pretty. If I looked him in the eyes, I’d probably turn to stone…kind of a reverse-Medusa effect.

“What are you doing out here?” he asks, apparently not put off by my amazing conversational skills.

“Not much on dancing, I guess,” I shrug, silently congratulating myself on being able to say a complete sentence with my heart hammering in my chest. It only beats harder when a miracle of holy miracles happens and Gavin sits down beside me.

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