Heart & Soul

By: Stormy Glenn

Wolf Creek Pack 10

 Chapter 1

Marc Duggon pressed himself back into the shadows provided by the trees. He hated reconnaissance, but it was a fact of life, or at least a fact of his life. Reconnaissance provided much-needed intelligence, and right now, he needed all he could get.

There was something up with Lowell Erickson, and Marc was determined to discover what it was, especially since it involved his friend Chase, and the man’s two mates, Justin and Taylor. The three men were some of the few that Marc considered his friends.

No one had been more surprised than him when he discovered that Chase was not strictly human, but a wolf-shifter. But, after years of working with the man, Marc had come to see that a wolf-shifter was no different than any other species on the planet. Some were good. Some were not. Chase Morgan, now known as Chase Foyt-Ried due to Marc’s efforts, was one of the good guys.

It explained a lot of why Marc currently stood in the shadows outside of the Lowell Erickson’s estate, watching for signs of life from inside the massive mansion. He needed to find out what Lowell Erickson was up to before it came back to hurt his friends.

And Marc knew it would if he didn ’t stop it. Every instinct in Marc’s body screamed that Lowell Erickson was up to no good, and he had learned early on in life to listen to his instincts. They had saved his life, as well as others, on many occasions.

Marc quickly squatted down in the underbrush when a light came on in the first floor study of the mansion. He had been watching the place for several days, seeing no activity other than that which was normal for an estate of this massive size.

The maids arrived early in the morning and left late in the afternoon. The gardener and pool people came and went a couple of times a week. A delivery van had come earlier today, delivering a rather large package. Other than that, it was like the place was vacant.

Until now.

Marc used his infrared goggles to see how many occupants were in the house and where. He saw the red outline of one person on the second floor. Another one stood outside the front door by one of the vehicles. He could clearly tell that this one was a guard as he could just make out the automatic rifle in his hands when he looked through his night vision goggles.

Two more red-blurred figures were located in the study. Oh wait, check that. Three were in the study. One was just down on his knees, or sitting on the floor. Marc wasn’t exactly sure which. But it was a small figure, maybe an older child or young teenager.

Marc’s stomach rolled at the thought of Lowell Erickson getting his hands on another child. He’d done enough damage to the ones he already had. From what Marc had learned and pieced together from various sources, Lowell Erickson had fathered several children, Chase’s mate Justin being one of them.

What had happened to all of these children, no one was exactly sure. Justin had only found out that he was the son of Lowell Erickson when he met his half brothers, Danny and Samuel, who had been raised by their father. And they despised the man.

Yet another reason to investigate Lowell Erickson.

Marc had recently learned that Justin had a twin brother out there somewhere, and Marc wanted to help find the guy. He wanted to find the rest of Lowell Erickson’s children as well and make sure that they hadn’t been sold off by the man like Samuel had been. He was sold as a blood slave to a coven of vampires, a fate worse than death according to Samuel.

Marc had no doubt that Lowell Erickson had disposed of his other children in similar fashion. Samuel had been sold as a blood slave to another coven. Danny had been sold as a blood slave to Prince Dominic, who fortunately turned out to be his mate, and Justin had been given to the Teacher.

Marc frowned and almost stood up in surprise when two of the red-blurred bodies he was watching through his goggles simply disappeared. He was aware of his surroundings enough to stop himself before he gave his location away, but he couldn’t stop the curiosity from filling him.

How could two people just disappear like that? If they had stepped outside, Marc would have been able to follow their progress with his infrared goggles. They worked inside as well as outside, maybe even better.

So… that meant that there had to be some sort of secret passageway inside the study. And Marc wanted to know where it was. It just reaffirmed his belief that Lowell Erickson was up to something. Why else would he have a secret passage?

Marc watched for a while longer. He tensed when he saw the figure from upstairs go downstairs and join the one left in the study. Together, those two figures left the study and walked out the front door.

Marc quickly switched to his night vision goggles and saw that it was Lowell Erickson and an unknown woman getting into the limo parked in the driveway. The guard that had been standing outside climbed into the front of the vehicle, and then they all drove away.