Heat:Fated Mates

By: Wolf Specter & Angel Knots

M_M Gay Shifter Mpreg Romance (Dragon's Destiny)


~ Wesley ~

My brother was at the door. I groaned, not particularly wanting to be cheered up at the moment. Tyler had a key, though, and I knew if I ignored his knock he’d just come in anyway.

“It’s Friday night, Wes. What are you doing just sitting around?” he asked by way of greeting when I finally let him in. He bumped my shoulder in something that passed for affection, then brushed past me to root around in my fridge.

I wasn’t fooled.

Ty knew I was moping the same way I’d known it was him at the door. My twin had always denied that we had any sort of “mystical connection,” as he called it. It didn’t matter how many times he showed up just when I needed him, or I felt it when something important happened to him. “Coincidence” — he always claimed — or, no matter how many times we’d found each other without benefit of GPS or phones, “luck.”

“Life isn’t one of those wizard, warlock, and dragon fantasies you like, bro. Shit like that doesn’t exist in the real world,” he’d tease me, rolling his eyes.

We may have looked alike — unless you counted the fact that spending four years in the army had given him a good twenty pounds of muscle on me — but our argument about whether or not there was really such a thing as the twin-bond was just one of the many ways that we were opposites.

Ty came back into the living room with my last two beers in his hand. He flopped on the couch, twisting off the tops one-handed and passing me one of the bottles.

“Fuck, Dub, is there a point to all these little pillows?” he asked, shoving a few onto the floor. Ty smirked as he made the familiar complaint, arching an eyebrow and daring me to make a fuss. When I didn’t, he frowned.

“What’s wrong?”

“I’m fine, Tee,” I answered, automatically following his lead and slipping into our childhood nicknames. I knew it was useless to try to avoid his concern, but I gave it a shot anyway. The truth was just too fucking humiliating.

“Don’t be a dick, bro. What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I…” I left the sentence unfinished, lowering myself into the armchair on the other side of the living room with a sigh. God, I already knew I’d end up telling him. Tyler was relentless, and I just didn’t have the energy to come up with a lie.

He’d always taken his role as my “big” brother — by virtue of eight minutes — ridiculously seriously. Looking out for people was kind of his thing. Apparently he’d never gotten the memo that brothers were supposed to fight, because I was number one on his list of people he thought he had to take care of. It could be as annoying as shit at times… but, even though I’d never admit it, it was kind of nice having someone who was always in my corner.

“Fine,” I rolled my eyes at the look he was giving me. “It’s Brent. I broke up with him.”

“Why?” Ty asked, his eyes softening.

God. There was no way to tell him without making myself look pathetic.

Ty leaned forward, furrowing his brow. “What, Wes? That fucking asshole. What did he do?”

That made me grin in spite of myself. I knew Ty had never had a problem with Brent while we were dating, but the minute he saw me unhappy, my ex was automatically reclassified as “that fucking asshole.”

My twin was nothing if not loyal.

Still. God, embarrassing “He… said your name,” I mumbled, not quite meeting his eyes.

“What?” Ty cocked his head. He didn’t get it.

“He said your name, Ty, when we were, you know…”

“Oh. Oh!” Ty actually blushed. “Uh… he knows I’m straight, right?”

“Yeah. I guess that’s why he settled for me.” And hadn’t that felt good to find out. Brent had all but told me as much, after I’d hopped off his dick and slapped him, mid-fuck. I didn’t mind some role-playing, but not… that.

“Well, fuck him. His fucking loss.” Ty drained his beer and stood up, not pressing me for any more details as soon as he realized that it involved my sex life. “Come on, let’s go get a drink.”

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