Her Shield (The Uncut Series Book 1)

By: D. Camille

The Uncut Series Book 1

Prologue…The Black Diamonds

Jordan Black, Sean Jackson and Ray Parker sat in Jordan’s office located high atop the Black Diamond Building. The three handsome, successful men also formed an elite force that was both dangerous and unstoppable.

For over ten years, the trio handled business protecting those who could not protect themselves. Now, all three men were married and expecting children with plans to retire from their activities. However, before they can step aside, a new force needed to be recruited and trained.

Ray looked at his two friends, the two men he would give his life for and vice versa.

“We have the young gods, but they need a lot of training,” he told them.

Jordan sighed. “How much training…because I’m not walking through no more damn jungles,” he said referring to their last mission.

Ray laughed. “They’re Uncut, Jay…they’re rough and unpolished. We have our work cut out for us with these damn kids because they’re young, in heat and unpredictable.”

“But they have great potential,” Sean added, always being the focused one in the group.

“They’re going to make mistakes.” Ray looked at the two men. “And probably a lot of them.”

He focused on Jordan. “Just like you.”

Jordan frowned. “I’m the reason this entire operation works.” He stared across his desk. “Who’s the billionaire?”

Sean shook his head. “Okay Jordan.” Turning to Ray he continued, “Is Marc ready?”

Ray sat back in his chair. “We’ll find out…”

Chapter 1

Special Agent Marcus Graham looked at the file on his desk labeled M. Martin. His promotion to Special Agent had come due to his recent work in Colombia, South America where he had rescued a group of women being trafficked from the United States. His present mission was busting one Milton Martin and seeing him rot in prison.

Milton Martin was a businessman by trade and a thief, liar, murderer and hustler otherwise. Milton had tried to ruin his daughter’s best friends business, in conjunction with their mothers. He had also joined forces with a Colombian kingpin to have those same friends killed. Now he was suspected in the murder of one of his colleagues. Milton Martin was a dirty dude all around. His only saving grace was that he had three incredibly beautiful daughters, two of which Marc knew personally. He'd been told that the oldest one, Shana had inherited all of Milton's dirty traits.

The middle daughter, Isabelle had married Marc's close friend, mentor and boss…Ray Parker. Currently they were in wedded bliss and expecting their first child. The youngest daughter, now she was fire…and against his will, he found himself attracted to the flames.

Isis Martin. He flipped open the file to her picture. To say she was beautiful was an understatement, five-feet seven inches of smooth clover honey skin, big dark brown eyes and long, luxurious mahogany hair. To say that she was off limits was a given. Marc made it a practice never to mix business and pleasure. That’s how people got hurt and missions went awry. As he stared at the photograph, his cell phone rang. He smiled and answered promptly.

“Well if it isn’t the gorgeous Khayla Lewis,” he said silkily.

“Hello Marcus. How are you?”

He smiled. “After hearing that voice, how could I be anything but good?”

“You’re something else…and you know it too,” she told him.

Marcus closed the file on his desk. “What I do know is that my time in Detroit was too short.” Marc had recently been in Detroit working on another project for Rion Shaw, the first black owner of a major league baseball team. He’d met Khayla and there had been an instant attraction.

“Too short for what?” she asked.

He pictured her face and then her fabulous body. “Too short for me to get to know you the way I would like to.”

Khayla laughed. “I think we got to know each other pretty well.”

“Then I’d like to know you some more,” he said quietly.

Before she could respond, his cell phone indicated another call just as there was a knock on his office door. Marc looked up as the door opened.

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