Hidden (The Angels Evermore Book 1)

By: Raven K. Asher

Chapter One

Moving from town to town hadn’t exactly my idea of a great summer vacation, but with the way things were Mom insisted that we had to move every summer.

It was an exhausting task, but we were pretty much use to it now.

We had been at this since I had turned twelve, and now I was only a week away from turning eighteen.

The towns had begun to blend into one another, and looking out my window now, watching the newest small town pass, I knew this town would be just like all the others.

We would live there, go to school, and then disappear.

Wash, rinse, and repeat.

Just once I wished that we could stay in a single town instead of having to move over and over again, but it was far too dangerous for me to stay in place too long.

My mom and sister on the other hand they deserved more, not to have to move from town to town, always having to make new friends just to lose them later on when we left again.

I felt like a burden to them, and just as soon as I was out of school, which would be this year, I would leave them so they could finally stay.

I would take my turn to run, and run alone for once.

“Are you alright, Piper?” My mom, Helen, questions from the driver’s side of the car, her strawberry blonde hair waving in the wind from her window being rolled down.

Her blue eyes meet mine with concern, so I plaster on a fake smile.

“I’m fine, Mom.” I lie easily.

Lying had become normal for me. What my mom and sister didn’t know wouldn’t hurt them. At least that’s what I forced myself to believe.

“Are you two excited to see our new place?” Mom asks with enthusiasm, to which my sister and I groan.

“Awe, come on, Piper, Hannah, you’re going both love this house. We’re even going to have neighbors.” She adds with more excitement.

My head swings around from my watch out the window to meet her face, my eyes going wide with fear.

“Are you crazy, Mom? We can’t have neighbors. It will be too hard to keep me a secret.” I snip out.

She sighs loudly, her excitement diminishing within seconds.

“I just thought that…that maybe this once you could try a little harder to hide. I want to try for a more normal life here.” She states gently.

Her words hit me like a ton of bricks even though she wasn’t trying to offend me.

I knew she was tired of moving, but there it was, in her own spoken words. I had to get away from them this year. I had to allow them the freedom that I could never have.

“Well, I think that having neighbors for once will be awesome. Are there any cute guys?” Hannah squeals from the backseat abruptly.

Glancing back I watch her flip her own strawberry blonde hair over her shoulders as she sits up straighter to look out at the town with a renewed interest.

I looked nothing like my sister and mother, other than sharing their eye color.

Where they had blonde hair I had dark black hair, with a slight curl at the ends, and baby blue eyes.

My skin was pale, unlike their sun kissed skin.

I had always been a bit jealous of that, but no matter how much sun I had gotten my skin wouldn’t even begin to show a hint of a tan.

My mom had once told me that I looked a lot like my father, or sperm donor as she liked to put it. She had confessed to me that she had been raped when she conceived me.

It had taken me a long time just to get that tiny bit of information from her. I thought that maybe if I knew more about him then I would understand more about myself.

As you can imagine, it was a very touchy subject to bring up so I never pushed her too hard on the subject even though I was dying to know more about who my father was.

“I haven’t had the chance to meet them, but there might be.” Mom answers Hannah’s question and I groan.

“I think this is all going to blow up in our faces.” I mutter and then turn my face back to watch the passing town.

“Nonsense, this will all work out, Piper, you’ll see.” Mom, sing songs her reply.

It made me want to gag.

This would blow up in our faces and they would be the ones to pay for me being…different.

“All I can see is us having to run so no one throws me into a lab. I’m sorry but I can’t see any of this ending well, Mom.” I answer honestly.

The rest of the ride goes by in complete silence with everyone dwelling over my heavily weighted words.