Hidden Dragons (Hidden Dragons #1)

By: Becca Van


Belinda “Bid” Starling moaned and rolled to her side. Her body felt like it was on fire and she rolled over in her sleep, again. She was aware of the occupants in her room, or was it her mind? It didn’t really matter. What mattered was that they take the ache away.

She whimpered as warm callused hands caressed down her body, shaping her form from the outside of her breasts to her hips and upper thighs. Their touch was so light, she wasn’t sure they were real. Maybe her mind was playing tricks on her. But what puzzled her was the sensation of their hands on her naked flesh. She was sure she’d gone to bed with her large sleep shirt on. However, she supposed that when one was dreaming anything could be conjured or made to disappear.

She sighed as the three sets of manly hands roamed her naked body and mewled when a hot, wet mouth closed over one of her nipples, drawing the hard throbbing peak within, before suckling on it firmly. She arched her chest, silently begging for more and sobbed with pleasure when another mouth latched on to the other nipple.

Large hands smoothed up and down her shins and then nudged her legs further apart, when they got to her knees. She didn’t hesitate and opened her legs, hoping that he would touch her where she was aching the most.

She could hear him whispering and his friends released her nipples to answer, but they spoke so quietly, and because she couldn’t understand what they were saying she suspected they weren’t speaking English, yet a word here and there sounded familiar. Again it didn’t matter, she just wanted them to keep touching her, loving her.

Fingers glided up the inside of her thighs and then delved into her wet folds. She cried out and bowed her pelvis up from the mattress, but he placed a heavy arm over her lower belly, pushing her hips back down. Belinda wanted to protest but she just couldn’t find the breath to speak.

The heat coming from their hands was amazing and even though it was almost too much, it didn’t burn her skin. Her nerve endings felt like they were at the surface of her skin, yet as the hands skimmed over her flesh it didn’t hurt or irritate. In fact the complete opposite. Their touch eased the tingling of her need, but she needed so much more. Yet none of it seemed real. How can this be?

She wanted them to fill every orifice, yearned to have them loving her, their cocks sliding in and out of her ass and pussy while she sucked the others cock, but she didn’t know who they were or what they even looked like. No matter how hard she tried to see them, they were just shadows in the night. Yet they were so much more. They were substantial and not a figment on her imagination. They couldn’t be if they made her feel so much. Could they?

She mewled when a warm, wet tongue licked through her folds again, lapping from her dripping hole to her clit. Her hips bucked up but he wrapped his arms around her upper thighs, spreading her even wider, and although he tilted her pelvis up, he was also holding her down.

The two men on each side of her laved over her nipples, making her cry out when shards of electrical sparks shot down to her aching cunt. Cream dribbled from her hole as her muscles clenched and then her breath hitched in her throat when a thick finger pressed into her pussy.

Her whole body shook with hunger and excitement as that finger pushed in further before making a slow retreat. The friction was unbelievably blissful but nowhere near enough. She wanted that digit stroking into her faster, harder and deeper, sending her toward the massive climax she could feel building up inside of her.

Her internal walls grew tauter, her breath sobbing out each time she exhaled and just as she was about to reach the pinnacle, a loud noise intruded.

Belinda frowned, her eyes popping open and when she realized she’d woken again at the most inopportune time, it took all of her self-control not to scream with frustration at the top of her lungs.

Every night for the past six months, she had the same dream. She’d tried everything she could to exhaust herself so she wouldn’t dream of her make-believe lovers, but nothing she did helped.

She’d even resorted to masturbating, but that just seemed to make the craving for sex worse, plus, she couldn’t get off. Belinda had even bought a vibrating dildo, but that hadn’t worked either.

She’d never had sex with a man before but was seriously rethinking the morals her deceased mother had instilled in her. Belinda wanted to go and find a man to fuck her until she couldn’t walk, and maybe then she wouldn’t feel like she was going insane from unrequited lust. But the thought of having sex with just anyone was abhorrent to her and just thinking about having some stranger touching her made her feel sick to her stomach.

She couldn’t understand why she was different to other women, why she just couldn’t find a man to pop her cherry and slake her lust with, like some of the girls she knew had.