Hide And Keep

By: K. Sterling



I will never stop loving you.

Chapter 1

“Sorry, GQ.” Chief grimaced as Lane got out of the car. Lane shook his head and shrugged as he leaned against the door. The day was unseasonably warm and he’d enjoyed the drive into town with the top down.

“It’s not like I had anything going on.” Lane said as he looked around the station parking lot. Chief gripped Lane’s shoulder.

“I feel bad, you haven’t had a weekend off in months. But this is important, Lane.” He paused to take a long drag off of his cigarette. “Clark Cabbot got the F.B.I. to loan him some special expert and he thinks this guy will make the Jeffries case an easy win.” Chief said and Lane frowned.

“What does any of this have to do with me? It wasn’t even my case.” Lane asked as he eyed Chief warily. Chief cringed and Lane knew he was going to hate what came next.

“Cabbot says this guy is a big deal and a little high maintenance. Says he requested a police escort at all times. Cabbot asked for you.” Chief explained. Lane shook his head as he silently swore he’d punch Clark in the throat next time he saw him. “You’re Head Detective, this is why you get the big bucks.” Chief teased and Lane glared at him.

“I don’t get paid to babysit suit's. Why couldn’t you pick someone lower in the food chain? I didn’t have plans for the weekend but that doesn’t mean I want to waste it kissing some D.C. douche bag’s ass.” He complained and chief nodded.

“I get that, Lane. But Cabbot wants this guy impressed and you’re more city than anyone else. Cabbot’s afraid he’ll get back on the plane if we send a uniform to get him. Just pick him up at the airport and get him settled. Show him around a little and help him get comfortable with the area so he can give Cabbot what he needs. If he ends up being an all right guy, maybe take him out to dinner a few times. You know where all the good places are. It’s not that big of a deal, just look at it as a favor. Make him feel welcomed and give him a friendly face at the precinct. This shouldn’t interfere with your life too much beyond this weekend.” Chief smiled tightly as he waited for Lane to agree. Lane swore under his breath as he scrubbed his hand over his face.

“I’m getting overtime for the whole weekend and I get reimbursed for everything.” He said as he stared at Chief.

“Fine.” Chief exhaled loudly and slapped Lane on the back. “You better get to the airport. He lands in less than two hours.” He added and Lane threw his hands up.

“And you tell me at the last minute. Never again.” He gave Chief a hard look. “What’s his name?” Lane asked as he pulled the car door open and sat. Chief leaned in.

“Something Sharp. Use this.” He said as he handed Lane a piece of paper with word Sharp written on it. Lane shook his head in disbelief. Chief laughed as he shut the door. “He’ll be looking for you. Cabbot sent him a picture.”

“Fucker. I’m going to kick his ass next time I see him.” Lane promised as he turned the car on. Chief nodded as he stepped back.

“If that’s what it takes.” He said as he turned away and waved over his shoulder as he headed toward the station.

Lane seethed all the way to Chicago. On the way he called Clark and called him every name he could think of and a few he’d invented. Clark listened and apologized before he told Lane he was at a barbecue with his family and would call him later. Lane called him a “Lousy cock sucking, limp dicked piece of shit” before he hung up. Lane was already at the end of his rope with Clark. He knew Clark hadn’t thought for a moment that Lane might say no. Clark was doing what he always did. He was going for what he wanted and stepping on everyone in the way. But Clark was a damned good District Attorney. If it weren’t for the fact that this particular favor was for the good of the city and probably, legitimately vital to bringing a particularly ruthless murderer to justice, Lane would have told Clark to fuck himself every way to Sunday and gone back home.

None of Lane’s frustrations had anything to do with their “relationship”, Lane insisted as Chicago drew closer. After two years of hooking up with Clark clandestinely, Lane had already decided he was through. In the beginning, he didn't care that Clark was married and so deep in the closet, he reeked of moth balls. It worked. Lane’s schedule didn’t really allow him time to date and his focus was always on work. Plus, Lane didn’t particularly like Clark. Or his wife. So, hooking up two or three times a week was convenient and mess free.

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