Highlander Unchained (Highlander Trilogy 1)(107)

By: Donna Fletcher

He kicked the door shut to the cottage and after setting her down on her feet, though keeping hold of her wrist, he latched the door. He then shoved her into the other room.

“Disrobe, and I will not tell you twice,” he ordered.

The fury in his dark eyes warned her not to argue or protest and so she did as she was told... she shed all her garments to stand naked in front of him.

He walked over to her and grabbed her wrist yanking her against him. “If I must keep you naked so that you don’t run off I will.” He shoved her onto the bed and hastily shed his clothes. He then dropped down over her pinning her arms above her head.

He kissed her then but so much more gently than she had expected and angry as she was, as much as she wanted to resist him, she simply couldn’t resist his loving tenderness. And either could her body. She heated with passion as his kiss deepened and when his hand began to touch her, gently, loving... she surrendered.

It was as if he paid homage to her body; kissing, tasting, touching and entering her with a tender control that had her writhing beneath him. When all was done and he had brought her to climax several times, he moved off her and rested on his side. He eased her over on her side, drawing her back against his chest. He wrapped his arm tightly around her and draped his leg snugly over hers.

Then he whispered in her ear. “You’re mine; you belong to me. I will never let you go.”