Holocaust (The Deadwood Hunter Series Book 3)

By: Rachel M. Raithby

This one is for you.

For every reader who took a chance on Lexia, and stuck with her until the end.


Wow what a journey it has been to reach this point. There have been points when I have wavered, when I have questioned what I was I was doing, and yet the highs outshine every stress, and frustration I have felt.

I have met some incredible people along the way, from my amazing street team, to my editor, PA and cover designer. And let’s not forget you the reader! Without you I wouldn’t be here right now, writing this acknowledgement for my fourth book, and the last in Lexia and Lincoln’s story. Though their fight ends here, their story will carry on as I explore some of the other characters in their world.

Many thanks are needed to the talented women who’ve help make Holocaust perfect.

Becky from Hot Tree Editing – you help me see my work in a new light, thank you.

Regina at Mae I design – your work is simply breathtaking.

Kat – PA/friend/formatter/trouble shooter – the list goes on!

Sabrina – Every authors dream beta reader.

Finally to my family, I’m so very sorry the house has been a mess this last month, I promise to clean as soon as I hit publish…Mmm maybe



Caden put down the phone and slumped into the nearest chair. For once, I’d like some good news! Just one little piece, is that too much to ask? He stared at the ceiling as if some happy news might possibly land in his lap.

Shutting Lincoln’s door quietly behind her, she walked over to her son. “Was that Caleb?” Caden’s mother asked.

“Yes, he has no good news. How’s Linc?” Caden sighed, rubbing his sore itchy eyes. Sleep had been a difficult task for him recently.

“Sleeping. I gave him something to help.” Running her fingers over his head, she told him, “Caden dear, go get some rest.”

“I can’t sleep. Whenever I shut my eyes…I see Linc at the funeral.” He shuddered as the memory whispered over his skin.

“I know you don’t want to hear this.”

“Then don’t say it!” he snapped, glaring at his mother.

Paying no attention, she continued, “I’m going home, Caden.”

“What? No you can’t! It’s not safe.” Caden jumped from his chair in anger. He didn’t need more problems; he already had too many to handle.

“Your father has been gone for a month and he is still alive,” she pointed out. Continuing softly, she added, “I want to go home, to my job, my life, and my mate.”

“It isn’t safe for shifters in South Dakota anymore.” The hunters had to be somewhere in the region. Every shifter in the state had either, fled, gone into hiding, or been killed.

“If what Caleb has been telling you about Lexia is true, then nowhere will be safe, Caden. I know you still think there is a chance to save her, but I do not believe it. The sooner both you and Lincoln realize this, the sooner you can move on.” His mother took a huge breath, staring at him with a look only his mother could give.

Caden took no notice of her; instead, his frustration rose to the surface. “MOVE ON?” he shouted. “How is Linc going to move on? He has lost his mate! Would you move on if you lost Dad?”

Sadness filled her eyes. “Well, well…no,” she whispered, looking to the floor.

“No, you’d join him in death. Linc doesn’t have that luxury. His mate is still out there wearing a mask. She’s lost and confused. She needs our help, Mother. Linc needs our help.”

“I’m still going home, Caden,” she said sadly. “If the world is going to end, then I will be by your father’s side when it does. I fly home in the morning.”

“I’ll ring Caleb back and have him meet you at the airport,” he answered, defeated.

“That’s not necessary.”

Locking eyes with his mother, his tone a warning not to argue. “If you want to leave, then that is what will happen.”

His mother huffed, stomping off to the other room.

Caden slumped back. “Just give me a break, one little fucking break. Some sign that there is still hope,” he muttered, closing his eyes.

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