Hope Is Lost(4)

By: Emma James

“Come on, Levi. We got T-shirts to make after this. We’re taking the world over, one quote at a time. Let’s go work these awesome bodies we have. We’ve got three good legs and three good arms between us, so we got this covered. Then we can get some work done and go check on our gorgeous head banger. And … then I think I will find Text and give him some special Keanu quality one-on-one time. I heard he decked Retro a couple days ago, so he’ll be feeling shitty with himself about that.”

“Yeah, I can relate,” Levi mumbles.


“Nothing, bro.” Levi brushes his comment off with a wave of his hand.

Deciding to let it slide, I start steering Levi away from the scene of the crime as a staff member starts coming over with the cleanup cart.

“I think we’ll need to use a cab tonight. I feel the need for a lot of beers.”

“You might even get legless,” I add in.

“Really, Keanu?”


Waking up to Birdie in my bed, in my arms, is the best feeling ever. Her soft hair tickles my face when I nuzzle in closer as I breathe her in. She smells amazing.

My life feels like it’s where it should be right now. I have Birdie here with me, and I’m not letting go.


She is mine.

I don’t care what the guys think about my downfall.

I’m. All. In. Lock. Stock. And two smoking barrels.

Besides, they all need what I’ve got. It’s time we all got our happily-ever-after. They may not know it yet, but when they find the one, things will feel differently. Their ducks will line up in a row.

Birdie’s light snoring next to me is the cutest damn thing. Although, I know she won’t like me telling her she snores, so I’ll keep that piece of information to myself. I can’t believe I put her through so much these past six years, but what’s done is done, and I can only try to give her better memories. I think I made a good start at that last night.

We fucked, and it was so raw and powerful. We were literally consumed with each other on a very primitive, sexual level. I made her lose herself while I lost myself deep inside her as we both tried to get as close as we could to each other.

It was explosive.

Needing each other last night, we took from each other until we fell asleep from exhaustion. I think I gave Birdie six years of lost orgasms in one night. She was like a fire truck siren. She was that loud, and she didn’t stop until I had put her fire out.

Fuck, I love that little clit ring of hers, but I need to buy her one with my name engraved on it, something like Property of Retro.

Watching Birdie’s face so uninhibited and honest as she came over and over again brought out something inside of me that I’m finding hard to put into words.

I have so many emotions inside of me for this woman who waited for me.

She fucking waited.

I feel like a King.

We are a done deal.

Her heart is mine.

That sweet, tight, little ass is mine.

Her pussy is mine.

Her mouth is mine.

My heart is hers.

All of me belongs to her.

There’s no fucking question.

I know she’s tired from last night. Hell, I should be tired, but my dick hasn’t received the memo, and it’s wide awake and saluting the fine ass it’s spooning. I’m trying to be a gentleman and let her sleep, but I’m so fucking hard because the sheet has slipped down low over her hips, and her breasts are rising with each breath she takes.

I want to wake her slowly, teasing her body into consciousness.

I lean over her, blowing lightly on the breast closest to me, the little bud hardening as I position myself so I can capture it in my mouth, swiping my tongue across the little ball.

Birdie feels it even in her sleep, and one of her hands slides up her belly until it palms the bottom of her breast. When I tug on the little ball again, just enough to watch for her reaction, she arches her back slightly, letting a little whimper escape from her lips.

I carefully move out from behind her and lay her back, rolling onto my knees while moving one knee between her legs and supporting my weight with my hands on either side of her. Her hand is still on her breast, waiting. I want to suck on both her nipples as they stand at attention, but I have to taste her.

I move farther down the bed so I can start worshipping her body with small kisses as I make my way up her leg. Her body instinctively moves to accommodate me without fully understanding why. Her leg lazily bends out, opening herself up for me, giving me the opportunity to kiss behind her knee, which brings forth another small sound from Birdie’s lips.

I can’t wait any longer after hearing that noise, so I lower my head and blow on her center, watching her squirm a little in her sleep, and then I blow a little more.

Her eyes flutter open, and her body automatically starts slowly moving her hips to get closer to what I’m doing to her.

“Hey.” She smiles sleepily at me. “And good morning to you, too.”

I raise my head. “Morning.” Then I lick my lips slowly and move back down into position, making gentle, feathered kisses along her seam, swirling my tongue inside her lazily.

I could stay here all morning. My lips are in heaven when her body responds loudly as I suck on the little ring and tug it inside my mouth, knowing it’s an arousing tug-of-war on the most sensitive part of her body. My tongue’s dueling with it as I inhale her scent, which travels straight down to my dick and makes me want to groan out loud from the pleasure it sends my way.

She’s squirming in response to my slow, deliberate actions, making all sorts of little noises and panting out my name, asking me to go harder and faster. But, for now, I want to enjoy her and give her a memorable first morning together.

I take my time making love to her lips, coaxing as many little noises of pleasure out of her as I can before she lets out a cry and explodes into my mouth while her little body shakes from the pleasure.

Then I give us both a moment by laying my head on her thigh, allowing myself time to get under control before I slide back up the bed.

It’s her mouth I want to take my time with now. I simply want to kiss her and keep kissing her until she shows me she wants more.

As our lips move sensually across each other’s, letting her taste herself on me, we somehow manage to breathe while our lips remain connected. Her hands wrap around my neck, and her body coils around mine, making my erection very noticeable. I want to show her how I feel through our lips, and then we can get to third base. I pour everything I can into this connection.

Nothing is hurried.

My hands explore her curves slowly while our lips move over each other, caressing and nibbling. I bite down carefully on her bottom lip because it’s too fucking sexy how soft it is. I groan into her mouth.

There’s something to be said for slowing the pace down and enjoying each other. There’s time to feel each other’s bodies as we lay connected from lips to feet. We are a jumble of tangled limbs coiled around each other, but it all makes sense as our mouths glide in an erotic rhythm while our heads lead the dance, swaying from one side to the other.

She eventually breaks our lip fest, her hands coming up on either side of my face.

“Retro, I need you inside me, now.” Thick desire drips from her words, and there’s no way she’s going to allow me to stay at this base.

“Third base, sweetheart?”

“Oh, God, yes, third base.”

We’ve gone from enjoying each other to an urgency that I know she’s feeling, and my arousal for this woman needs to be satisfied as much as hers.

As soon as she spreads her legs wider, inviting me to move myself into position, I take a hold of the back of her knees and bring her to me where my cock can enter her. I tease her a little by slipping one finger inside her, giving her pussy what it’s seeking, and then I slip another one in. She’s completely ready for me as I pull my fingers out and slide my thumb inside her, moving it around a little harder, a little faster, a little more determined.

“Re... tro… more...”

This is torture for me. I can’t hold out much longer, watching her like this. I pull my thumb out and give her more, but only a little.

I move my erection across her soaking wet lips as I try to keep the pace slow and unhurried.

I almost give in.

I want so badly to thrust inside her and make her cry out, but I don’t. This is too damn sexy watching her, knowing I can do this to her. She’s on the outer edge.

“Re... tro...” my little vixen growls out with impatience, making me almost want to laugh at her, but my patience is just about done for.

I slide slowly inside her, letting her adjust while we both release a soft moan of pleasure. God, we feel so good together. I bring my thumb up to her bottom lip and run it along it right as her tongue darts out and draws my thumb into her mouth, sucking it sexily.


As she smiles knowingly at me while continuing to suck my thumb, I pull all the way out of her slowly until I’m teasing her wet entrance, and then I give in and drive inside her hard and fast with a little hip rotation. I repeat this, knowing she wants me to go faster and rougher by the way she’s sucking on my thumb harder and rolling it around her tongue. I’m learning what drives her wild, and this is one of the things that heightens both of our pleasure.

We are both very close to the edge because our senses have been pushed to their limit by all the foreplay. So I rotate my hips and speed up my thrusts until she’s shaking her head from side to side, my thumb long forgotten as her beautiful tits bounce from my pounding motion.