Hope Is Lost (Ocean Beach #2)(79)

By: Emma James

“Okay.” I’m trying not to sound upset and worried, but even I can hear it in my voice. “If you are around on Sunday, I’ll be at Joe’s at lunchtime for a few hours.”

I walk out with Keanu after not really giving Hope an answer. I know Keanu is pissed off at me about it, too.

I found it so hard to even look at Hope. I stayed close to her all night, hoping that would help with what I have to do. It hurts me having to let her go, much more than I thought it would. I know she doesn’t understand what’s going on, and for that, I’m truly sorry.

I also have to talk to Keanu about what’s festering between us. I can’t leave things the way they are.

“Keanu, do you mind if we have a little chat in private?” I keep us moving down Harley’s driveway, away from the house. “I won’t need a lift tonight.”

“Sorry, bro, it’s bad enough knowing what I know, and then you go and do this to Hope whose heart is breaking back there, but now you want me to just let you walk off? Not. Happening.” Keanu has no need to worry.

Keanu stops me by his Jeep with a hand to my chest. “Ajax, is everything all right? If there’s anything I can help you with, you can talk to me.”

I see the look in Keanu’s eyes. He’s trying to work out what the fuck I’m doing to Hope and why. Damn, this is going to be harder than I thought.

I walk between Keanu’s car and the high fencing, ensuring we have privacy. Then I take off my hat that I wear as my protection and put it on the ground. My sunglasses and hat rarely come off. They are my armor to this life I’ve been living. I take a deep breath and start unbuttoning my shirt.

Keanu takes a few steps back and holds his hands up in front of him. “WHOA! Bro, please keep your clothes on. I won’t tell Hope, but leave your shirt on. What you do—”

I have to cut him off because I can’t stand him thinking that. “Look, trust me. I want to show you something.” I keep unbuttoning my shirt and take it off to reveal the white Henley underneath. I look at Keanu. “Trust me.”

I bend over and strip my baggy pants off, revealing a designer pair of jeans. I run my hands through my dark hair then slip my hand into my pocket, pulling out a hair tie, and pull my long hair up in a man bun of sorts. I need to get it cut, and I’m sporting a longer beard that needs to be trimmed back to my normal, light, facial scruff.

“How do I look now?”

“Well, fuck me.”

“No, thank you. You aren’t my type.” I extend my hand. “Hudson Raine, but my friends call me Raine.”

To be continued…

Joy Is Found, coming late 2015

To my husband and children for your love and support throughout this whole writing process: I thank you, and I make sure you all get a home cooked dinner every night. It may be a little late, but I still make sure it’s on the table.

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