I'm Nothing (The Family Book 2)

By: Sam Crescent

The Family, 2


Tonio, fifteen years old

“I don’t want to do it.” Tonio stared at the crying boy, hating what his father was asking him to do in their basement. His mother was already knocked out by the booze and drugs that she liked to take. It kept her silent, so his father was more than happy for her to do it.

“You’ll do it.” His father tightened his grip on his shoulder. “You filthy piece of shit. If you want to see your precious little friends again, you’ll do it.”

The cameras were rolling, and Tonio’s stomach turned. He couldn’t keep doing this, but he didn’t see a way out of the pain and mess. Whenever he thought it couldn’t get worse, it did. His father’s depravity knew no bounds, and it wasn’t just in this moment—it was in all moments.

“Leave my friends alone.”

The slap across the face stung, but he’d had worse.

“What do you think Donnie is going to think when they know the truth about you? Do you think Jake is going to want to know you, scum that he is? What about Luiz? He’s never going to want you around his sister knowing what shit you do.”

“I do it because you tell me.”

His father’s fist slammed into his gut, making him fall to his knees. He held in the tears as he’d learned long ago not to cry. Crying never solved any problems, and if his father ever caught him crying, there was always a stiff beating to follow.

Tonio hated the beatings more than anything as his father knew where to hurt so the bruises were never seen. The last thing he ever wanted to happen was for his friends to know how fucked up his life was. The life of The Family was about being strong, but right then, Tonio didn’t feel strong. He felt weak.

None of his friends showed any sign of the trauma The Family caused him. He didn’t know if it was just him, or if his friends each had to suffer. The only person he doubted ever had a problem was Jake. His father was part of The Family, but he was more a minion than an actual member.

Most of the time, their fathers didn’t want him, Donnie, and Luiz around Jake, but they refused to be parted.

“This boy is scum. He means nothing. Now, a lot of people are paying for the privilege of seeing his miserable existence end, bloodily, violently, and my son is just the man to give him his death sentence.”

Tonio covered his mouth, trying to stop the flow of vomit that was about to happen, but nothing could. Vomit spilling out of his hands, Tonio moved to the corner, throwing up all over the floor everything that he’d eaten.

“You filthy, no good, nothing, piece of shit,” his father said, moving toward him. The blows started on his back, and Tonio didn’t have a way of protecting himself.

He’d rather take a beating and black out before he took another innocent’s life. Tonio had lost count of the number of boys and girls he’d killed, not to mention the men and women. His father would bring them all to him, and make him kill, fuck, and do whatever despicable thing was on the menu.

The worst of it was the fact his father filmed it. Everything was filmed so some sick fucks could get their rocks off on what they saw.

His father grabbed the back of his neck, slapping his face, and then smearing his face in the vomit, all the time telling him how useless he was.

“I tell you what, you little shit,” his father said. “How about I get Maria here, huh? Get her down here and use one of our soldiers down here to test that virgin pussy. You know I can make it so her life is fucking ruined, right?”

The mention of Maria was all it took. Finding strength Tonio didn’t think he had, he lashed out at his father, slamming his fist against the man’s nose and breaking it.

“Stay the fuck away from Maria.” He yelled every single word, not caring how he gave away his feelings.

The Family didn’t care about their women, or their children. The women were just pawns to be used or sold as they saw fit. Maria was going to be marrying a guy who would help the family name. It was probably going to be some old fucker who had dozens of mistresses, and who stank half the time of stale sweat.

Tonio knew how it all worked. There was no room for love in The Family, not for anyone.

Several of the soldiers who worked for his father caught him, holding him down.

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