Immortals (Runes series Book 2)

By: Ednah Walters
The east lot across from school was jammed with students trying to find parking. I eased my Sentra beside a four-wheel truck, switched off the engine, and just sat there, staring at the students scurrying past. Any moment, I expected someone to notice me and yell, “Witch!”

Being a Witch would be preferable to what I was. What I will become after I complete my training. A Valkyrie. A soul reaper. Just thinking about it made my skin crawl. Six weeks ago, I was your average student concerned with starting another boring school year and making out with the guy I’d had a crush on, like, forever: my best friend, Eirik Seville.

Then Torin St. James stormed into my life on his black Harley with his wicked smile and brilliant blue eyes. He’d shattered everything I thought I knew about myself life, and love. Made me feel like the most beautiful girl in the world. The focus of his existence.

But before I’d been able to savor the joy of being in love, it all fell apart like a house of cards, destroyed by beings so powerful even the gods quaked in their presence. I shuddered. Two weeks had passed, yet the images from that night still haunted my dreams.

Twelve swimmers from my high school had met their deaths in the most horrific way. To the rest of the world, they’d been electrocuted by lightning during a swim meet. The media had called it a freak accident. I knew better. Evil Norns had caused the lightning.

Norns, destiny deities from Norse pantheon, were real and as badass as they come. Some blissfully went about guiding disasters, natural or man-made, without caring about the lives they destroyed. The worst part was, I had known about their plan but hadn’t stopped them. Couldn’t stop them even though I’d tried. Valkyries, or Valkyries-to-be in my case, couldn’t prevent deaths. Not without consequences.

Norns, on the other hand, ruled over destinies of gods and Mortals and did as they pleased. My flamboyant, technology-challenged mother might have saved my teammates at one time, but her Norn card got canceled when she fell in love with my father, a Mortal, and chose him over them. She had been training to be a good Norn when she fell, thank goodness. Mom’s situation was another tidbit I’d learned two weeks ago. I was still trying to wrap my brain around that one. Now I had to deal with school, friends I hadn’t seen in two weeks, and teammates who’d seen me act like a deranged lunatic during the meet.

I continued to watch the students and tried to muster courage. You can do this, Raine. Stop whining and get your butt out of the car. You can do this… You can…

I exhaled sharply and pushed the door open.

The protective runes my mother had painted all over my Sentra to ward off accidents were thankfully gone. I’d insisted. Seeing them would have reminded me of how I’d been spared while my friends had died.

I hoisted my backpack on my shoulder and was reaching for the folder on the passenger seat when the powerful sound of a Harley filled the air. A spasm kicked in my chest, and my heart started to pound.


Anticipation and pain flashed through me. Last night when my parents and I had arrived home, his place had been in darkness. I’d worried he was gone again, taken away by sore loser Norns to punish me for refusing to join them. As if they hadn’t done enough by erasing every bit of his memories of us together. I wasn’t sure what was worse—having him gone or having him around when he couldn’t remember he loved me.

He parked his bike, removed his helmet, and pushed locks of raven hair away from his forehead, baring his chiseled face. The familiar gesture made me smile. He looked exactly the way he had the first day he knocked on my door and took my breath away. Same black jeans, matching shirt, and leather jacket. Blue sapphire eyes so brilliant it hurt to look into them.

In the recesses of my thoughts, a fantasy blossomed.

I run to him, wrap my arms around his neck as he circles my waist and pulls me close. I draw a ragged breath, his musky scent filling my lungs, his warmth wrapping deliciously around me. He professes his love, and his voice resonates through me, sending fingers of need through my body. I hear his heart beating fast against my chest, mirroring my own. Then his head dips, and my lips tingle with anticipation. But he doesn’t kiss me. He makes me wait. Crave. Bold and cocky, he teases me, his hot breath caressing my lips and igniting a wave of desire as natural as breathing. My body trembles and melts, then we kiss. Souls meld. Two halves become a whole.

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