In Love With a Brooklyn Thug


Write about love. My favorite thing to do. I was created for this.

From my heart to yours


Chanique, thank you for the inspiration; from one post on Facebook my eighteenth book was created. No outline, no deadline or notes.

Just me, love, music, a semi-broken heart, and my laptop.

God bless you, girlie.

“The first cut is the deepest. Real love is the sweetest.” - Nako

“Really? You gon’ stand there like you don’t see dude looking at you?” Porsche asked her cousin.

Nia rolled her eyes and popped her gum. She didn’t go to anyone. If homeboy wanted her digits he needed to make his tall ass over to her and get ‘em. Hollering across a crowded parking lot wasn’t the way to capture her attention. The summer jam concert had just ended, and people were flooding the streets, trying to get to their cars. Nia was hot, tired, and sweaty, and her voice was gone from screaming at the top of her lungs when her favorite rapper Jay-Z hit the stage.

“Girl, I’m not stunting that man, and you shouldn’t be either. Let’s go,” she spat, ready to catch the train and head back home.

“Yo, you’re so wack sometimes,” her cousin complained.

Nia ignored her, pulled her long hair into a bun and tied it with the rubber band that she kept on her wrist for temperatures like this. Summer time in Long Island was sticky and humid, and she was anticipating sitting butt naked in the air once she made it back to Brooklyn.

“Ayo sweetie,” a voice came from behind her. Being that her name wasn’t sweetie, Nia kept walking, unbothered by the catcalls. “Whoa. Hold on mama, just give me a second.”

The voice got closer, but she refused to stop her stroll. A touch on her shoulder brought a scowl to her face, and instantly, her fist balled up. Nia spun around on her heels, ready to go the fuck off if needed be.

“Don’t touch-” she was speechless.

Never had that happened before, Nia wasn’t easily impressed by the men that approached her. She had been that way for about two years now. The death of a past lover had her mentally stagnant and physically unavailable. She wasn’t in the mood to share her time or her bed with the opposite sex.

“You been ignoring me all day,” he said with a smile.

“All day? You clearly got the wrong one,” she told him, assuming that he had her confused with another chick, although she knew no one looked like her, or was her, for that matter.

She was well aware that she was a rare gem and was in a league all on her own. Nia didn’t compete where she knew she didn’t compare.

“Nah, you the right one. I can’t forget them hips at all,” he said, licking his lips and admiring the brown goddess from head to toe.

She looked down and shifted in her stance, seemingly appearing to be uncomfortable. No one had made her speechless in quite a while, and she was unaware of how to handle this situation. So, she looked down and stared at her fat and short toes in the Gucci sandals she decided to wear today.

“What you looking down for? I’m up here,” he said.

The way she bucked just a minute ago had him hesitant to touch her face and lift her chin.

“Girl, come on, before we miss the train,” her cousin rushed her.

Nia turned her head and smirked in her direction. It was funny how when she wasn’t paying the gentlemen no attention her cousin called her wack and corny and a bore, but to see the dude all in her personal space had Porsche tight.

The irony of women.

“Give me a second,” she told her, holding up a manicured finger to signify that she needed some time since the red bone cutie now had her attention; attention that everyone wasn’t liable to capture, but for some reason, he did.

He smiled and offered his name.

“East,” he told her.

Nia raised an eyebrow and bit on her bottom lip.

“East? That’s your real name?” she asked, never hearing a name such as his.

He nodded his head and pulled his vibrating phone out of his pocket.

“Damn ma, I gotta slide, but I want to get to know you,” his voice held so much persistence.

She knew her heart wasn’t capable of loving him. She couldn’t…not right now….not after him. Nia shook her head.

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