Joy Is Found (Ocean Beach #3)(103)

By: Emma James

Big thank you to Tina Louise for waving her hand in the air to be my second set of eyes. The ducks lined up nicely, and I was on time for her to have a read-through of Joy Is Found before the ARC readers got their hands on it. #win

Miss Debb Lynn, thank you for being you to so many authors and you are my echo. ☺

Miss Kasey, your continual pimping of several authors is always appreciated. I hope your stay in FB jail is looked upon as more of a vacation because you deserve it. There’s always a positive in a negative my friend. ☺

Candee Love, yes, you get a shout-out, and your hubby for answering a question of mine and for your hubby doing so wonderfully describing his answer. He made me laugh, and I think he might have a career in writing. ;)

Sarez, you steered me in the right direction with a car for Joy; thank you. I may have slightly changed it.

Amy Chinnis Callahan, thank you for showing me those wonderful images of your holiday in Texas. You might find something familiar about Coyote Cooter’s. ;)

Kayla Frederick Lebouef, you entered a mystery giveaway I had in my closed group to help think of a name for a business in Joy Is Found, coming up with Freedom. I took it a step further, and Billy’s business became Freedom on Two Wheels. You inspired me. Thank you!

Sam Shemeld, from the UK who has been so vocal in her passion far and wide for these men, bringing so many new readers to this little known author, I thank you. Olly Murs’, Kiss Me can indeed be Levi and Joy’s song.

To all the lovely ladies in Emma’s Sisterhood closed group, we have some fun times in there.

Thank you to all the readers and bloggers who have been there from the start, and also all the new readers who have joined along the way with every book I release. I look forward to meeting many more of you.