Joy Is Found(4)

By: Emma James

“Alley-cat.” I give her a gentle shake. It might be pitch black, but I’m very aware of her in my bed. I don’t need to see her to find her.

I hear the second she wakes up with a startled, little gasp. If I could see her, I know big, green, beautiful eyes would be searching the darkness, confused by where she is.

On cue, her body tenses, and she bolts upright. She’s definitely forgotten where she is and who she’s with. She’s completely programmed to be beside Ajax, and that stings just a tiny bit.

“Hey there. You were having a bad dream, so I thought I better wake you.”

I feel her relax against my stolen arm. I can’t pull her in tightly with it, and once she realizes that, she gravitates towards my chest, snuggling in closer so I can wrap my other arm around her and drag her across my body.

She weighs nothing, and her heart is pounding against my chest. Hope lays her head down while I stroke her soft, silky hair, which helps to calm her racing heart.

“Did I tell you how beautiful you looked last night at Faith’s party?” I ask, wanting to erase the nightmare from her mind.

“Yes, a few times.” I can hear the smile in her voice. Hope likes hearing she was gorgeous. She is naturally stunning—she didn’t need all the bells and whistles—but she sure did look amazing all dolled up.

“Did I tell you how much I enjoyed that spontaneous duet we rocked?”

“I think you showed me when the song finished. You are a very talented singer yourself, Keanu.”

“Yup. I’ve got a set of pipes on me, but it’s not my thing. I do it just for fun. I’ll leave the professional singing up to you. Do you think you can go back to sleep now?”

Her response is to do something totally unexpected by wiggling around until she is straddling my body. We are quiet except for our breathing, which seems to have gotten a little heavier.

“I think I need to be kissed.” Her words are quietly confident and determined.

“Oh, well, I’m sure I can handle one of those—”

My Alley-cat halts any more words from me by leaning forward and pouncing on my lower lip, sucking and nipping at it, and it sends a message straight to my nether region. It doesn’t help that her nether region is lined up with my erection, and there is nothing I can do to hide it.

Up periscope.

I stifle a groan because we’ve gone from snuggling to hot and heavy in seconds. I’ve kept my hand off her body because, if I touch her, I won’t be able to let go.

I begrudgingly pull my lip away from her teeth. “Whoa! Alley-cat, you are full of surprises this morning. I have to get you up in a little over two hours. Are you sure you want to be straddling me?”

She replies with a little wiggle of her hips, which sends a thumbs up message to my dick and a muffled groan from me as she reclaims my mouth, sliding her tongue inside. I’m instantly lost, unable to remember how far all this is meant to go.

I pull away again, breathing like I’ve run a marathon. “Honey, what are you trying to tell me?”

In response, she wriggles more persistently on my hardened cock.

I’m a little confused by this sudden wanton behavior since Hope has clearly defined the hanky-panky boundaries—as in taking it slow. I’m good with that, but I have to know what this change of attitude means. What’s more, I can’t afford a setback in our relationship. Is she seeking comfort or something more? Will she regret her actions when she’s fully awake?

“Hope,”—I’m in serious mode, so she isn’t getting a cute Alley-cat from me—“do you want to be with me in a relationship and all the good things that come with that? Is that where we are at now?”


Still, I can’t accept what she is feeling right now. Everything is too raw for her, and it has more to do with her losing her friend and needing the intimate closeness another human can give to take her mind off the hole he left.

“Alley-cat, I’m not going to take advantage of you. I know you are feeling a lot of mixed emotions at the moment, and I want why you are doing it to be clear in your mind during our first time.”

She wriggles a little more on my expectant cock, and we both moan from the friction. I’m going to need a fucking knighthood if I can behave like a saint and not give in. She is my little temptress, and I don’t even think she realizes. She is being swept up in the tidal wave of solace she is seeking.

“You are not making this easy on me or my excited buddy down in my boxers. He really is working against me on this one in a fierce way.”

I so want to be inside her.

I’m trying not to be so aroused, but then she starts kissing my neck and … she moves down to my nipple and … dayum.

Somebody get me that sword so they can knight me: Sir Lee, the man who didn’t take advantage of the fair maiden.

I let out an exasperated sigh. “You can stop that wriggling because I’m not going to take advantage of you, Alley-cat. You deserve better from me right now. A lot has happened these past few days, and I don’t want to ruin that.”

We are only separated by my boxer shorts and her now very wet panties. Oh, the inward groan of desire I am keeping a lid on …