Just to Be with You

By: Sheryl Lister

Love is the sweetest song of all…

Gentle and compassionate teacher Janae Simms isn’t looking for love—her heart has been broken one too many times, and she doesn’t intend to relive that kind of pain. So when her best friend convinces her to let loose and attend a concert featuring R & B sensation Monte, all Janae expects is an evening of music and fun. But as soon as she hears his smooth, honeyed voice and they share a moment together backstage, Janae fears her heart is in danger once again.

Terrence “Monte” Campbell has been hurt by women seeking his wealth and celebrity instead of the man he truly is. So music is his only passion, until he meets Janae. He struggles to maintain emotional distance, but her tender sensuality and caring ways tempt Terrence as no other before. And one sizzling night, they both give in to their desires and explore all of the erotic promises between them. Is Janae really the one for Terrence, or just another disappointment waiting to happen? Can he finally let go of the past and embrace the idea of their loving future?

“You feel this, don’t you?”

“No…I… Yes.” Janae gently extricated her hand from his then took several steps backward. Being close to him short-circuited her brain, and she needed to think. Hadn’t she decided that men were only good for fantasies? He would definitely fit right in…okay, he would top the fantasy list. But that was all this could be—a really, really nice fantasy. No way would she allow herself to get caught up in a man who probably had women by the dozen. Besides, as a teacher, the last thing she needed was a parent seeing her face splashed across a tabloid under some crazy heading like Teacher Caught in Threesome with Popular Music Star.

He closed the distance between them. “Janae?”

When she glanced up at him, something flashed in his eyes and, before she could blink, he covered her mouth in an explosive kiss that stole her breath and weakened her knees. She was totally unprepared for the feel of his mouth on hers. The kiss was gentle, but infused with a passion and need she didn’t understand. Suddenly, a longing she’d never experienced took over her body.

She pulled away sharply. “I…I have to…go.”

“No, don’t go.” He scrubbed a hand down his face. “I’m sorry. Please. Stay.”

She eyed him warily and clutched her chest, trying to control her runaway heart.

Dear Reader,

I have enjoyed reading Harlequin romances since I was a young     teen, when I used to sneak them from my mother’s stash. I never imagined I would     someday be given the opportunity to join the Harlequin family of authors.

I am also a huge music fan. One day, while listening to one     of my favorite R & B balladeers, an idea sparked in my mind, and Terrence     “Monte” Campbell was born. He’s not big on love, but he’s about to have his     world turned upside down by Janae Simms. The caring schoolteacher challenges     everything the confirmed bachelor has ever believed and teaches him a lesson in     love he won’t soon forget.

I hope you enjoy Terrence and Janae’s journey to falling in     love. I sure did! Stay tuned for Karen’s story.

Please share your thoughts with me at www.sheryllister.com, on Facebook (Author Sheryl Lister) or     on Twitter (@1Slynne).



Chapter 1

“I can’t believe I let you talk me into this,” Janae Simms muttered.

“Oh, please.” Her friend Karen Morris waved her off. “You can’t tell me you’re not a little bit excited about seeing Monte in concert?”

She sighed. “His music is nice, but you’re the one who has all of his CDs. And I don’t know why, if the concert is tonight, we need to spend the entire weekend in San Francisco. Seems like you should have brought your boyfriend instead of me.”

“Andre is working, and it’s not like you have anything else to do.”

“I have a ton of lesson plans to do.”

“So do I, but you need to see outside sometimes—and I mean someplace other than that elementary school playground. Now repeat after me. I’m going to have a good time.”

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