Kade's Game (The Sterling Shore Series 1.5)

By: C.M. Owens

Chapter One

"Let's get wet!" Mel screams, her overly excited voice grating on my nerves. I hate that fucking game.

This party got out of hand over an hour ago. I'm not sure why security let so many people in that I didn't invite. I'll make sure to never hire those morons again. Everyone is sloppy drunk, and I don't have time for the obnoxious frat boys tonight.

Normally, fraternities are great for building bonds, but I don't have the time nor the patience to deal with their constricting rules and ridiculousness. My parties get more attention than theirs anyhow because of the reputable names that come. Tonight... tonight is an embarrassing disaster.

Everyone is too drunk and pointless, and very few are leaving, which means I'll have one hell of a mess by morning. The maids will curse me when I call the cleaning service.

I lock the door to my room, but loud laughter draws me to my window. I can't help but notice Raya Capperton is already at her window to investigate. She's on her phone - possibly calling the cops as she looks out at the four frat boys who are now laughing as they crash through her fence, making me grimace.

Ah, hell. I'll have to replace that. She already hates me, though I have no idea why. She's one icy bitch most days, if she even bothers to glance at me. I stopped trying to be nice when I waved once or twice, only to be ignored or glared at.

And rich people are accused of being stuck up. She has to be the most unapproachable person I've ever met.

The drunken idiots head toward a bulldozer. That can't be good. I need to go stop them before they fuck up and run over my house.

With a weary breath, I head back over to the door, only to be held up three or four times by slurring fools who won't remember if I was rude or not. I push through, smiling cordially while disentangling myself from numerous people on my way to the door.

As soon as I step out, I hear a thunderous crash, wood creaking, heavy things collapsing, and a roaring engine far too close. My heart sinks when I see Raya's home crumbling. Son of a bitch!

I rush toward it, yelling for someone to call for help, and numerous other guys beat me to the wreckage, though I don't know how. I start tearing apart the pieces of her room. This side is completely demolished, and I just saw her here before I left my room. Shit.

"Raya!" I yell, praying she answers, but I'm met with nothing more than the others yelling for her as well.

"I've got a girl!" Jacob yells, and I push away from my spot to rush over to the far end that hasn't fully collapsed.

"We can't move her. She could have spinal injuries," Mel says as I dive into the section of her house that could fall at any moment.

"If we don't move her, this place could fall and kill her," Jacob argues.

He has her in his arms and moving her out into the yard before anyone else can object. I stumble to her side, checking to make sure she's breathing. The sirens sound like wailing tales of promise, and I almost cry in relief when I hear her groan, even though she's unconscious.

She's alive.

I brush her hair away from her face, worried there's more damage than we can see. There's no way she walks away from that without some damage.

The house collapses the rest of the way just as the four laughing frat boys cackle. Mel scolds them, but they laugh in her face.

I know they're not fucking laughing. That's it.

My fists clench, but I'm hauled backwards by people I can't see, seconds before I launch myself at the four idiots who just demolished Raya's home.

"They'll sue the hell out of you," a guy says, his voice strained as he exerts himself to help restrain me.

As if I care if they sue.

"Let me go," I growl, still unsure who even has me.

I lose my opportunity to do any damage when shuffling feet and shouting voices draw my attention. Damn. Several flashlights, harsh warnings, and numerous badges appear, making me drop my head back in defeat.

Ripping free from the loosened grip of my human restraints, I turn around to search for Raya, but she's gone.

"Where the hell did she go?" I ask Jacob.

He motions over his shoulder now, not even bothering to look back. Does no one give a damn that she might die?

"She's fine," he says casually, apparently reading my murderous glare. "They're taking her to the hospital for observation. She could have a concussion, but that's all."

That's all?

Apparently, Jacob feels a concussion isn't too damn serious. I look over just in time to see the ambulance doors closing, and then I rush to grab the first one of my cars that I can maneuver out. Unfortunately, there's no way to get any of them out of the garage.

Her family will probably be there. I'd rather not show up anyhow. They'd want to know the details, and I'd end up getting my ass reamed for simply being the party's host. Not what I need.

Also By C.M. Owens

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