Kiro's Emily(2)

By: Abbi Glines

The guy’s dark eyes did a quick scan of my body, lingering over places I would rather he didn’t. I crossed my arms over my chest protectively.

When his eyes made it back to my face, I scowled at him.

“You could have gotten in all by yourself. I can assure you of that,” the guy said.

Who was this, and why was he bothering me? I shifted farther away from him and focused my attention on the floor.

But that didn’t last long. A crash caught my attention, and I snapped my head up to see what all the laughing and squealing was about.

Standing in the center of the room, wearing nothing but a pair of black leather pants that hung off his hips, was the lead singer of Slacker Demon and the most beautiful man I had ever seen: Kiro Manning. His blue eyes were startlingly clear. His corded arms and washboard stomach were decorated with colorful tattoos. Then there was his hair, just long enough to keep pulled back in a ponytail. Which he did often.

Problem was, he was also the biggest man-whore in the band.

The smile on his face right now, as he commanded everyone’s attention in the room, was wicked. There wasn’t another word for it. He knew he was wanted, and he loved it. “Broke my fucking bottle of vodka. Need a new one,” he announced, then held out a hand and crooked his finger at a redhead who was currently topless and wearing only a thong. She hurried over to him, and he pulled her into the crook of his arm and laid his palm over her breast.

I tore my gaze off him then. I would admit that I had my own fantasies about Kiro Manning alone in my room at night. Seeing him fondle another woman, however, was sure to kill that.

“Gonna get me another fucking bottle?” he asked.

I didn’t look at him. I focused on my hands.

“I better go get him a drink,” the guy whispered, and left my side.

The din had started up again. I was never getting out of here. There was a limit to things I would do for Sonya. Tonight I had met that limit. I was finding her, and we were leaving. We were in a backroom behind the stage. It wasn’t like she could get lost. I just had to suck it up and wade through the naked bodies.

My mother had warned me about going on this trip. I hadn’t listened, and now I was really wishing I had. This was becoming a nightmare. Lifting my head, I scanned the crowd again, purposely avoiding Kiro’s direction in case he was now having sex with the topless girl. If I could preserve my fantasies, I really wanted to.

Moving through the crowd, I kept my eyes open for Sonya and didn’t let myself focus on what everyone else was doing. When I reached the back of the room, I saw the back of Sonya’s blond head as she pressed up against a guy. They were only kissing, but his hands had pulled up her short skirt and were cupping her bottom. From this view, it looked like she had gotten Trac’s attention. I recognized his tattooed knuckles. Having Fuck Yeah imprinted on your hands permanently sounded idiotic to me, but the man was a rocker. Common sense probably didn’t factor into his decision-making.

I really didn’t want to interrupt them, but my desire to leave was stronger. It was almost two in the morning, and I was exhausted. I was also tired of trying to hide in a corner.

“Sonya!” I called out her name over the noise.

She stiffened but went right back to sucking Trac’s face.

“Sonya!” I called louder, letting her know I wasn’t going to leave if she ignored me.

This time, she came up for air and glared over her shoulder at me. “What?” Annoyance was all over her face. She had gotten one of the band members, and I was messing things up for her.

“I’m sorry, but it’s late. I want to go.”

“Not having a good time, sugar?” The raspy voice was Trac’s. His blond hair was also long but with a shaggier look. I didn’t look at him. I kept my gaze locked on Sonya.

“I’m busy,” she hissed, as if she couldn’t believe I was doing this. Could I just leave her here? Was that safe? No, probably not.

“Hey, easy. Don’t be so mean,” Trac said, gently pushing Sonya away from him as he made his way toward me. I shifted my gaze to him and realized we might have a problem. “What’s the matter, gorgeous? Is no one showing you a good time?”

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