Kiro's Emily(3)

By: Abbi Glines

I stepped back, and he smirked. I looked back at Sonya pleadingly. She, however, was looking at Trac with fire in her eyes. Crap.

“Not sure how we all missed you. I know my boys, and if they’d gotten a look at you, we would all be in a fucking brawl right now, trying to decide who gets in those jeans.” He reached out a hand and ran a finger slowly down my arm.

He was a jerk. Surely Sonya saw this and was ready to leave now. We could go home tomorrow.

“Emily, you need to leave. Now. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Sonya’s voice was hard and barely containing her fury. The warning look in her eyes was enough to let me know she didn’t want me messing this up for her. She didn’t care that he was openly hitting on me. What was she thinking?

“I can’t leave you here,” I started to say, but she cut me off.

“Yes, you can.” She wrapped her arms around one of Trac’s and pressed her chest against him. She whispered something in his ear, but I could still feel his eyes on me.

“I don’t want you to leave,” Trac said to me, shrugging Sonya loose and closing the space between us. “Not sure I’ve ever seen eyes that color before. Fucking intoxicating.” His hand reached up to cup my cheek.

I jumped back quickly, and his smile grew.

“And damn, she’s sweet,” he said, as if that was what he wanted most in the world. The man was crazy.

“Leave, now!” Sonya yelled at me.

I decided then that as much as I loved her, I wasn’t staying here for this. Trac made me nervous, and she was furious with me. She should be furious with him, but no, she was mad at me.

I spun around and hurried back toward the door, squeezing between bodies as I made my way. If I weren’t so angry at Sonya right now, I’d be worried. This was so stupid. Why was she staying here?

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Dean Finlay and his bare butt. I wasn’t about to look harder to see exactly what he was doing.

Sonya was wasting her time with this.

“Don’t leave me, gorgeous. I’ll be good. I fucking swear,” Trac called out.

I turned around to see if Sonya was following me. But she wasn’t. Trac was. Oh, crap.


I took a swig of my vodka and looked down while the redhead—wait, no, this one was a blonde—unzipped my jeans. I wasn’t sure where that redhead went. Oh, wait, yeah, the tits on the blonde had been massive. Fake, but who gave a fuck. Those babies were huge.

“Don’t leave me, gorgeous. I’ll be good, I fucking swear,” Trac’s voice called out as he shoved past me. Who the fuck was he yelling at?

I looked to see where he was headed, and my gaze stopped the moment I saw her. Motherfucking hell.

I took a step forward, but the blonde on her knees was blocking my way. I shoved her hands away and moved around her.

“I’ll be good. Just come talk to me,” Trac said again, loud enough for everyone to hear.

Her eyes went wide, and I realized the gorgeous brunette was the one Trac was talking to. I didn’t like that. Where had she come from? I had never seen her before, because I sure as hell would have remembered.

She wasn’t dressed like the other women here. The jeans and sweater she had on fit her curvy body nicely. She didn’t need to show off all she had to get attention. Her perfect pink lips were so damn full they made a man think about where he wanted them. The package was perfect, but damn, it was that innocent look in her eyes that sucked me in.

She didn’t belong here. But she’d gotten in, and I was going to fucking have her. Trac could give it up. They all wanted me. I was the ultimate motherfucking prize. I didn’t have to compete with the others. This one was mine tonight.

I was almost to her when she spun around and hurried toward the exit. Shit! I stalked toward Trac, giving him one hard push. He stumbled and fell over against the wall as I brushed past him.

I heard him curse and call me “a sorry motherfucking bastard.” I didn’t care. He was going to have to get over it. That one was mine. I might even fuck this one twice before I was done.

The guard at the door saw me coming and stood in front of the exit, blocking her in for me. She asked him to move in the sweetest Southern accent I’d ever heard. Fuck me.

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