Kiro's Emily(4)

By: Abbi Glines

“I just want to leave. No one even cares that I’m here, I assure you. I only got in because of my cousin. She’s the one the guys want.”

Her cousin? Fuck, did it get better than her?

The guard lifted his eyes to me, and she turned to see who he was looking at. I could feel the small gasp she released in my damn dick. Shit, this one was hot.

Hell, no, she wasn’t leaving. I had been having a hard time picking one tonight to take back to the hotel, but I’d hit the goddamn jackpot. I bet she smelled sweet, too. Her pussy wouldn’t be overused. I bet it was tight.

“You leaving without saying hello?” I asked, flashing her the smile that got me into panties even before I was a rock star.

She sucked in another breath, and her face was so damn expressive. I could see surprise, then shock, then confusion, all swirl in her pretty eyes. I wondered how those eyes would look when I made her come. I was fucking finding out.

When it was apparent that she wasn’t going to speak, I took another step toward her and ran a finger down her cheek, just to see if that skin was as soft as it looked. Fuck me, it was. Then she shivered.

“You got a name, Princess?” I asked, surprising myself. I didn’t ever ask names. I just called them all Princess. It was easier.

“I’m just . . . I need . . . I was leaving. I gotta go,” she stammered, pointing over her shoulder toward the door my man still guarded.

Had Trac scared her? Stupid fucker better not have hurt her. She was like one of those beautiful dolls you weren’t supposed to touch because they might break.

“But you can’t leave yet. We haven’t met,” I said, slipping a hand to rest on her hip, skimming past her tiny waist and flaring hips. That ass would be one I would need to shoot my load all over.

“I’m just here with my cousin. Not . . . I mean . . . I’m not actually a guest. I got in because of her. She’s all set now, so I’m leaving.”

Sweet. Jesus Christ, she was so damn sweet. How could a woman look like this and be this sweet? This shit didn’t happen.

“You’re a guest now. You’re my guest,” I informed her. I held out a hand for her to take. “Come with me. We can go somewhere quiet, and you can tell me all about yourself.”

She started shaking her head. “Oh, no. That’s not . . . I just need to leave. I’m tired.”

I couldn’t do anything but stare at her. I didn’t know how to handle this. She was turning me down. Me. No one told me no. Ever. Was this a game? Was that sweetness just an act? Did she get what she wanted by playing hard-to-get and whetting a man’s appetite with that fuckable body in clothes that only hinted at what was underneath? Because if it was, it was brilliant. I wanted her. Now. This act was working.

I smirked and took one more step toward her. If she backed up, she’d be pressing against my guard. So I had her. It was me or him. Lowering my head, I brushed my lips over her ear and inhaled. Fuck me, fuck me, she smelled like honey.

“Want you naked and underneath me. This is working, Princess. Now it’s time to give in.”

Her body went taut, and she stopped breathing. I waited for her to inhale again while I ran my nose up her neck and saturated myself with how fucking amazing she smelled.

“No. I don’t do this,” she said, sounding breathless. “I just want to leave.”

Lifting my head, I looked her in the eyes and saw the fear this time. It was real. She was scared of me. Why was she fucking scared of me? The innocence in her eyes was real. It screamed that she was to be looked at but not touched.

“Please,” she begged softly. “Please let me go.”

I loved for women to beg me. Granted, I loved to hear them beg for my dick. Or beg me to fuck them harder. But this . . . it gripped my chest. Fuck me, I was gonna let her go. Because she’d said please. And she’d motherfucking meant it.

I looked up at the guard at the door. He was one of many who traveled with us. “Make sure she gets home safely,” I said, and the guard gave me a small nod.

Then I looked back at the untouchable beauty in front of me. She was right. She didn’t belong here. She shouldn’t be part of this. I didn’t say good-bye, because I wasn’t calling her Princess again. I called girls I fucked Princess.

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