Kiss of Flame(3)

By: Madelene Martin

Picking her skirt up, she tore over the ground, dodging debris and stumbling here and there. The breath tore out of her lungs in choking sobs. She knew she had no hope of escape. At most, the dragon was letting her run so it could chase her for sport. But she had to try.

Lily kept running, not daring to look back. Sure enough, after a minute, the wind picked up, and blasted her as the great beast swooped down from the sky. She cried out in terror and fell to the ground, curling up and covering her head with her arms.

She felt its claws on her, and braced herself for the pain. But the dragon was surprisingly dextrous. It wrapped its huge scaly toes around the girl, scooping her up off the ground and cradling her in its claws. Then it took off up into the sky.

The wind whipped past her ears, tearing her screams from her throat. After a minute she gave up on yelling – it was futile. When she had worked up the courage, Lily opened her eyes and peered out from between the dragon's claws. They were high up in the air. Very high. She watched the land skim by, far below. She saw burned fields and villages, deserted towns, and a stream of people on the roads. The castle that had been her home was visible far off in the distance.

The dragon wheeled and climbed gracefully, holding the girl in its cage of claws. Quite dizzy and terrified, Lily curled up and wrapped her arms around her legs, despairing.


She must have dozed – or passed out. Suddenly she was jolted awake. They were inside a huge cavern. It was open to the sky – where the dragon had entered – but deep, and dry.

The beast deposited her gently on the stone floor, flapping its huge wings and flying off. Lily stood on shaking legs and looked around, wrapping her arms around herself and shivering in the cool air. The cave was lit by flaming torches along the walls. There were multiple exits to small passageways or rooms. Aside from that, it was too dim to make out much.

She wondered if this dragon had a treasure hoard like the ones in her stories. Then she vaguely thought: who maintained the torches?

The dragon suddenly alighted behind her. She whirled, just as it folded its wings. It looked at her eerily as she stood, trembling and trying to cover herself.

"Why did you bring me here?" She yelled, edging on hysteria. "If you're going to eat me, just get it over with!"

The dragon lowered its head and hissed, steam rising from its jaws. Then it began to slowly stalk toward her, walking faster and faster. As it reached the girl it opened its mouth, snapping its long sharp teeth in front of her face. Lily closed her eyes tightly, waiting for death.

It swiped at her, bowling her over with one huge paw. Somehow she was unscratched, but pinned to the ground. She sobbed, tears running in rivers onto the hard stone. But she couldn't look away.

The beast sniffed at her, its giant snout nuzzling at her body. She could feel the heat of its scales and steamy breath through her thin dress. There was intelligence in its eyes, deep and red and flickering with reflected torchlight. Perversely, she wanted to reach out and touch it, to feel its smooth scales. But she was too frightened.

Its tongue snaked out, over her neck and chest. Then it nuzzled lower, below where its paw pinned her, and lifted the skirt of her dress with its nose.

She struggled, trying to hold her skirt down, but the beast ignored her hands and tore away the cloth of her dress with its teeth. She was completely exposed, naked before the creature.

Lily tried to clench her legs together as the dragon's tongue slid down over her hip, then licked the insides of her thighs, moistening her skin.

"What are you doing?" She cried, furious. Why was it toying with her? She struggled, but the claws clamped tighter, digging into her flesh; a warning. So she stilled, her breath heaving in heavy sobs.

The twin forks of the tongue explored her thighs, then flickered up over her sex, tickling over the pearl that was her center of pleasure. An unwelcome shock of pleasure went through her, making her quiver. Lily whimpered. Now she was afraid not of being devoured, but being tortured first. What might that tongue do to her?

As if in answer to her silent question, the dragon closed its eyes, and the tongue rubbed over her pearl, relentlessly circling. Lily was in utter disbelief. She had never felt such an intense sensation! She could feel herself getting wet down there.

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