Kiss of Flame(4)

By: Madelene Martin

She was ashamed of herself, of her body's reaction. "No..." she gasped, quaking in response to the pleasure radiating outwards.

She felt the tongue slip down, tracing her slit, tasting her wetness, and moaned at the slick sensation. Then, the dragon opened its mouth a little wider, and snaked its tongue inside her hole. It slid easily in, and Lily arched her head back and closed her eyes as the tongue moved inside her.

The forks moved separately, caressing her inner walls, swirling around. Then the tongue thrust further into her, exploring, and there was sharp pain. She yelped, drawing her knees together protectively.

To her surprise, the dragon's tongue was withdrawn and the pain receeded. It snaked back over her slit, back to her nub and lapped at her there. The pleasure returned, twice as intense. Lily groaned, her hips moving of their own accord as the dragon found a rhythm and kept licking.

She felt something gathering within her – an unfamiliar sensation, as though something incredible was just out of reach. Moaning and shuddering, she moved in tandem with the licking tongue, her hips rocking against it.

Then, one fork of the split appendage slipped down once more. The dragon thrust one fork of its tongue inside her and mercilessly rubbed her clit with the other.

Unable to help herself, Lily let out a cry of bliss as she crested the unfamiliar rise, and shuddered and tensed as incredible bouts of pleasure coursed through her body. Her hands clutched at the ground, nails blunting on the stone.

As her climax ebbed, she felt the tongue withdraw, and the dragon pulled back. It removed its claws from her, and her chest heaved as she tried to catch her breath.

"Oh!" she gasped, speaking to no-one in particular. "What was that?"

Of course, there was no answer, and Lily stared up at the stars that shone in the sky above the open cavern.

After a while, she realized the dragon was gone, and whats more – she was still alive. Puzzled, she sat up, clutching the torn remnants of her dress against her body.

A man was crouched there, ten feet away from her.

She screamed, scrabbling backwards and trying to hide herself.

He looked up. And immediately she saw that he wasn't a man. Not a regular one, at any rate. His skin was dark, and his lower arms and legs looked scaly, a deep metallic blue-black. His fingers ended in clawed nails, and his toes were talons. His ears were slightly pointed, and horns jutted backward out of wild dark hair. His eyes glowed orange-red.

As he uncurled from his crouching position and stood before her, she belatedly noticed that he was naked. His body was hard and smooth, his muscles well-defined on his lean but strong body. Below his abdomen, a massive erection pointed up at a sharp angle.

Lily stared for a minute before remembering herself and averting her eyes. "Who are you?" She asked nervously – although she knew the answer.

He regarded her coldly. "Nalranith."

"You're the..." She swallowed. "The dragon."

He nodded slowly.

She had so many questions, but she chose the most urgent. Her voice shook as she reluctantly asked. "A- are you going to eat me?"

Something twitched at the corner of Nalranith's mouth. A smile? "No." He said, in a deep, growling voice.

"Then..." Lily furrowed her brow. "What...?"

He stepped closer, the claws on his feet clicking on the floor.

Lily's heart hammered in her chest. "Why are you burning down our villages?" She asked, lifting her chin and trying to appear brave.

"We were peaceful once. Your people killed all of my people."

She blinked. "That was hundreds of years ago."

His eyes blazed, and his lip curled. "Yes."

"My Kingdom sent a tribute, and we have not seen any dragons since!"

"I was born from that tribute." He growled. "And now it is time for another."

"What?" She clutched her dress so tightly her knuckles went white. "You mean you want to... to breed with me?"

"I have to breed with you." He said. "I am the last. I need royal blood."

Lily stared at him, her lip quivering. "But... I'm a virgin." She said, hopelessly.

"I know."

Lily scrambled to her feet, backing slowly away. Nalranith continued to walk toward her, moving casually. Finally, she backed into the wall. Her eyes darted around nervously, confirming that, of course, there was no escape. She could see no exit aside from the cavern ceiling.

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