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By: Honor James

Beyond the Veil 1


For centuries we had coexisted, for the most part even peacefully. But in one night, with one fateful event, it all changed. Only a select few knew for sure what had occurred. Sadly, not one of them lived to ever reveal that truth. Now we, the survivors, must not only find a way to live and continue on together, but also find out the truth of what happened. If we don’t, we will all be doomed to relive it…

* * * *

February 14, 2014

“Isn’t that just sweet, Casey?”

“Indeed it is, Jonathan.” She smiled into the camera. “There is nothing that warms the heart more than seeing a young couple in love enjoying Valentine’s Day.” She shuffled some papers. “Now we go over to Dave for our final look at weather tonight. Dave, is this unusual warm spell going to stick around for us?”

The camera shifted to a man before the weather map. “It’s looking pretty good, Casey,” he said before shooting the camera a killer smile. “While temperatures will dip into the low fifties at night we are looking at some unseasonably warm days. But only for two…”

“We interrupt our weather forecast for breaking news. Sorry, Dave,” Jonathan said, looking serious. “We’re receiving reports from—” he blinked, his eyes moving back and forth rapidly as he leaned forward. “Sorry folks, just trying to read the prompter with this breaking news.” He licked his lips and suddenly looked ill. “I must apologize, I need a moment.” He spun in his chair and leaned out of view, the sound of someone throwing up clearly heard as the camera switched to Casey, who looked pale and shaken.

“The unthinkable has occurred according to reports coming in from the White House, where we take you to live now,” she whispered before breaking into tears as the camera switched over.

At the front of the room behind a podium a man stood holding up his hands. “Settle down, folks. Now!” he bellowed. “It is true, we’ve known about these people for some time, we’ve had discussions with their leaders and even had their help on occasion. Yes, some of them have lived among us, I can report now, but not a one of them has ever caused any harm. They were only the elite forces, assisting us on projects where it was too dangerous to send in the men and women of the Armed Forces of America.”

“Why now?” The question was yelled from the gathered reporters.

“The Veil that was separating their realms from ours has collapsed. We don’t know why and we don’t know how. They are scrambling just as badly as we are right now but you need to know that they mean us no harm and we expect every citizen of America and of the world to extend the same courtesy to them.”

“How long have they been a part of our world?” Another reporter shouted question over the din of voices.

“Our worlds have always coexisted together from the very beginning of time,” the man said. “They were living and working long before life even began on Earth proper. They left us alone to grow and become who we needed to be. They let us get to the point we would be accepting of them and all they bring to the table. But this event has pushed up the initial schedule to introduce the people of the world to them and them to you fully.”

The camera cut back to Jonathan in the studio who looked to barely be keeping himself together. “You’ve heard right, folks. The Veil has fallen and realms beyond Earth have been exposed. We will be with you all night providing updates and further information as it becomes available. Stay tuned,” he whispered before the channel cut to a commercial.

* * * *

In one moment, one night, a night of love and giving, the entire world as the humans knew it ended, forever shattering the knowledge they were alone in the universe for good. No more suppositions by scientists, guesses by conspiracy theorists. Everything was out in the open. And, as is typical when the human race has something thrown in their face they can’t explain, they started a war.

For nearly fifteen years it raged, not only on Earth but on the other worlds formerly hidden behind the Veil. In the end the humans’ frantic measures, their desperate attempts, did nothing. For them. It did show the other races that they were too volatile still to hold such knowledge and, with the blessing of all the world leaders, the other races laid down the new laws.

Curfews were instituted, jobs restructured for full equality and laws set in place for both the humans’ protection from the other races as well as the races’ protection from humans. One overall president was elected for the entire world. A new Congress was put into place with a representative of each country as well as sub-representatives from each province or state.

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