Let Me Go

By: L.L. Akers
A Let Me Go Novel (A Let Me Go series Book 1)

Bound by blood...Marked by the Dragonfly. A stand-alone novel with no cliffhangers.

The Let Me Go Series is a Romantic Suspense Series, beginning with a dark, but beautiful Coming of Age Story, charting as an Amazon Top 100 Bestseller in Coming of Age, Psychological Thriller/Suspense and New Adult-2014.


"Breathtakingly beautiful." -Not Everyone's Mama Book Blog

"I was mind blown..." -MetInEleven.blogspot.sg/

"Riveting and gut-wrenching, a captivating read..." -BookwormBrandee.blogspot.ca

(Age 17+ due to language/graphic content... a dark, but beautiful story of abuse and survival.)

The pasts of three sisters and their mother collide head-on with a mysterious present in this surreal and gripping family drama. One of these women finds herself trapped. Alone. In a box. She battles to survive the terrifying darkness. With long hours of nothing to do but wait in terror for her captor to return, she grapples through obscure dreams and memories of a painful family past, painting the story of the dragonfly tattoo—once meant to be a beautiful, family mark of freedom—but destined to become a prophetic brand of survival shared by the four women who wear it.

Identical twins, Gabby and Olivia, and their little sister, Emma, flee their less-than-perfect childhoods, and find they take more of their mother with them than her long chocolate-colored hair and her startling blue eyes.

Wanting to just get away... Olivia marries her first love—at age 17—and realizes later he's not what he'd first seemed to be. She falls victim to his fury when his mask finally slips, and she attempts to break free. But she finds herself unwillingly flittering back to a familiar cycle of abuse—one she'd watched her own parents circle for years.

Meanwhile, her twin sister, Gabby, finds sweet love with Jake, a humble, well-mannered southern boy who saves her not once—but twice. However, when she is pursued by a dangerous admirer at work, her happily-ever-after is threatened and may come to an end far too soon.

And there's little sister, Emma... with her own hidden secrets, painfully bottled up inside of her, wrestling to get out and take revenge.

Deeply evocative, Let Me Go is a suspenseful and heart-wrenching Coming of Age story with a beautiful ending for survivors. The following full-length novels in the series are Romantic Suspense, because everyone wants a happily ever after...


To my son:

I love you more—to the moon and back.

And to all the Emma’s, Gabby’s and Olivia’s out there,

I’d give anything to really go back, and release the dragonflies for you.

“There is no greater agony

than bearing an untold story.”

~Maya Angelou


SHE startles awake with a gasp, her heart beating so hard she can feel it pounding against her chest.

It’s so dark. Too dark. Was there a power outage? Even in the middle of the night, she can usually see the dim light from her alarm clock, but this dark is deeper than any she’s ever known. She can’t see a thing. The darkness is thick and black.

She struggles to get up to look for a flashlight and cannot; she’s met with resistance. She lies there for a second, feeling the panic build and trying to fight it down.

What’s that smell? A mixture of bleach, plastic, and... and rubber? Now she remembers... It isn’t a nightmare. She’s not at home in her bed. She’s freezing and her body aches.

She takes several deep breaths and tries to stay calm. She reaches up and carefully runs the knuckle of her index finger around her prison. She must have fallen into something. Maybe through a floor into a crawlspace? But what crawlspace... what house? She can’t remember getting here. She can’t remember her last memory before “here.”

Her head feels heavy—foggy and half-asleep. But I’m awake. This really is happening. Isn’t it?

She reaches down and pinches herself—hard. Just to be sure she isn’t dreaming. She felt it... she’s definitely awake. This isn’t a nightmare.

Her throat is parched and sore, and her fingertips throbbing. Now she feels at least a few broken nails and wonders if she’s bleeding. Yep, more pain. She’s got to be awake.

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