Love's Fury (Viking's Fury #1)(53)

By: Violetta Rand

Tears filled her eyes. “Then why did you leave without saying goodbye?”

“Because I know the pain of leaving behind a land you love. And I didn’t have the heart to make you suffer any more. At least on the farm, you’d be near your home, maybe one day able to visit the places and people you care for.”

“Is that the only reason?”

“No,” he admitted. “I didn’t have the courage to tell you. I loved before, and that woman cost me more than you’ll ever know. But you, sweet Silvia…” He closed the distance between them and caressed her cheek. “You changed me—changed everything. With you, I dare to live again. No longer half a man.”

His chest clenched as he realized how much of his soul he’d revealed. For so long, he’d relied only on himself—keeping his family at arm’s length, letting his bad temper rule his life. No longer. He’d risk it all one last time for love. “Come with me,” he said. “Leave this war ravaged island behind and start a new life with me in Norway. It won’t be easy, Silvia. My father will disapprove of our marriage at first. But in time, I hope he’ll grow to love you as I do.”

“Because I’m a thrall?”

“No,” he said. “Because you’re a Saxon.”

She gazed over his shoulder. “I’ve never sailed before,” she said timidly. “Will I…”

“You’re free, Silvia.”

She closed her eyes and raised her chin. “Free as the wind,” she cried. “Free as your ship upon the water.” Then she focused on him again. “Finally free to love you.”

Throwing herself into his arms, they both dropped to their knees, clinging to each other.

“Will you be my wife?”

“Yes, Jarl Konal.”

Not needing to hear another word, he lifted her into his arms and carried her to the longship, his most precious cargo.

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