Lucky Strike

By: M. Andrews

Gambling on Love Series Book 2

1:42 a.m.—to anyone else this is just a random time on a clock, but for me this is the time that will haunt me for the rest of my life. It’s the exact time that I took everything that meant the most to me in this world and destroyed it in one moment of weakness.

Now my world is crashing down all around me and all I want to do is what I always do when things get tough—run.

The name is Ryder Callahan, and there are only three things that you need to know about me. I work hard, I play hard and I fuck even harder. And these two hot blondes making out on my bed right now are about to see just how hard I like to play.

I met Courtney and Britney tailgating down at the Seahawks game. A couple of sorority sisters who were very eager to please Officer Callahan. Which most women are when they find out I’m a cop. Nothing makes a pussy wetter than when a woman sees a man in uniform. My only dilemma with these two gorgeous, hot pieces of ass was I couldn’t decide which one I wanted more. So I did what any self-respecting man would do in my shoes, I brought them both home.

“Come on, Ryder. Come and join us.” They both look over motioning for me to join them.

“With fuckin pleasure.” I reach behind my head and pull off my shirt then kick off my heavy boots, and strip off my pants and boxers.

The girls go back to undressing each other. I walk over to the bed, cock in hand, stroking myself while watching Britney suck one of Courtney’s pink plump nipples into her mouth. Lavishing her tits with her tongue. “You girls are so fucking hot.” A deep growl rumbles from my chest. My cock already dripping with need.

Britney looks back at me with a sexy glint in her eyes, then slowly crawls over to me. Her deep blue eyes burning into me as she runs her warm tongue over the tip of my cock. “You wanna suck this big fuckin cock don’t you, you little slut.” I run the tip over her lips.

“I want to suck you fucking dry,” she moans. Parting her lips, she takes me into her mouth, inch by inch until I’m touching the back of her throat. She relaxes taking me even deeper. Fuck this girl can take a dick like a fucking champ. She starts working my shaft with her mouth, tongue and teeth sucking me to within an inch of my life.

“Damn sweetheart, you got a mouth like a fucking Hoover.”

I look up over at Courtney, she’s looking all sweet and shy. I could tell this is as adventurous as she’s ever gotten, but I’m about to change that. “Get that sexy ass over here.” She shyly grins. “Come on sweetheart, don’t be shy.” She crawls over to me and I pull her up to my lips kissing her gently, at first, to get her relaxed then deepen our kiss. Sucking and biting at her lower lip. I slip a hand between her legs, running my fingers between her juicy wet lips. Her body relaxing against my touch.

“You want to taste her don’t you?” I ask. Catching Courtney’s eyes darting from me down to Britney, then back to me. I can tell she’s fantasized about being with her friend, and I think it’s time she fulfills that need. “Do it. Let me see you eat her pussy.”

“I’ve never done that before,” she says sheepishly.

“Oh, sweetheart, all you gotta do is lick her like an ice cream cone. And believe me, she’ll taste even sweeter. Come on, get down there and lick her fucking pussy until she’s coming all over your pretty face.”

I push Britney off my cock and back against the bed. Watching anxiously as Courtney nervously nestles between Britney’s legs. Britney sits up kissing Courtney then reassures her how much fun this is going to be. Courtney slowly kisses down Britney’s toned hot body, taking in a nervous breath when she reaches Britney’s pussy.

“See how wet she is. She fucking wet for you Courtney,” I urge her on. Stroking my dick as I watch her run her tongue along Britney’s slit.

“She tastes good, doesn’t she?”

Courtney hums in agreement taking another long slow lick. Britney’s head rolling back in pleasure as her friend starts to eat her sweet pussy like a woman possessed.

“That’s it now suck on her clit.”

“Oh, yes, Courtney,” Britney cries out. Courtney now sucking and licking at her.

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