Malice's Possession

By: Jenika Snow

The Brothers of Menace MC, 1

Chapter One

Trevor “Malice” Mason’s dick wasn’t even hard despite the tits and ass being flaunted around. Although usually his sexual appetite could rival that of a teenager who just found out that sticking his dick in pussy felt good, for a while now he hadn’t been feeling the need to let loose. It wasn’t because the mother of his son, Molly, was now the old lady of Stinger, a member of the Grizzly MC. He was genuinely happy for them and knew that Stinger treated her and his son well. It would have been a whole other situation if Malice’s instincts had told him that the Grizzly wasn’t genuine in how he felt toward Molly. Hell, they had even gotten into it because Malice had thought he was still in love with Molly. But that was in the past. Malice hadn’t still been in love with her, but just kept to the idea that she was still his. He took a swig of his beer and balanced the bottle on his knee once he was finished.

Someone clapped him on the shoulder, and he looked to the side to see Tuck pulling up a chair and sitting beside him. “You ready for the run tomorrow?”

Malice grunted and nodded. “Yeah. Going to be heading out at nine and ride straight through and we should get into Utah about four in the morning.”

“Told Lucien I was able to make it with you the three of you, but he needs me here for that gun trade.”

Malice waved off Tuck’s response. “It’s all good, man. I’d rather have you here to make sure things are good with Dakota.” He glanced at Tuck again and saw the older man nod. Tuck wasn’t much older than Malice’s forty-two years, but the other biker had a lot of life experiences placed on his shoulders, and that showed on his face. The knife scar right over his jugular still showed a bright white even though it had been ten years since he had gotten the damn thing. Tuck had several days’ growth on his face, and even though his hair was a light shade there were strands of grey throughout it. Hell, they all had grey, had rough fucking lives, but it was the ones they had chosen, and Malice sure as shit wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

“Dakota and Molly will be looked after, but you know they got Stinger that watches over them like some kind of protective bastard.”

Malice grunted in acknowledgment. “Yeah, but I like my own crew there, too.” Tuck nodded and shifted down in his seat. They watched the two women dance and grind on each other, and after a while Tuck spoke again.

“You going mountain man now?” There was a teasing note in Tuck’s voice.

Malice chuckled and scratched at his cheeks. He hadn’t shaved in at least a week, and the once stubble was now thicker. He certainly wasn’t all grizzly bear with a full on beard, but at this rate, especially considering his just not giving a shit attitude, he was headed there in no time at all. “Nah, just not caring about my appearance.”

“Well, ain’t like you can’t get enough pussy around here, even if you look like you been living under a rock.”

Malice didn’t respond, but even if he’d had something to say one of the club girls came over and straddled Tuck’s lap. Her tits were big and fake, and unrestrained by a top. They shook as she moved the top half of her body in front of Tuck’s face.

Since several of them were going on a run tomorrow, tonight was about the alcohol, doing some coke and weed, and getting their dicks wet. Malice had never been one to like illicit drugs. Smoking some joints was one thing, but doing lines of blow had never been for him, especially when he had his kid to take care of. He brought his beer bottle to his mouth and took a long swallow. He was currently sporting wood because a fine piece of ass was currently rubbing her tits and G-string covered pussy all over another club woman. They were in the center of the room, their hands all over each other, their tongue down the other’s mouths, and their tits pressed so tightly together there had to be indents from their nipples.

“Man, I am going to take that redhead and fuck her so hard she won’t be able to walk straight tomorrow.”

Malice leaned further back in the leather chair his ass was in and glanced over at The Brothers’ VP. Kink looked fucked up already, but kept calling out for the prospect manning the bar to bring over more shots.

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