Mate of the High Dragon

By: Marcy Jacks

[Of Dragons and Wolves 5]

Chapter One

Conner Abbot Macleod tossed in his bed, and he couldn’t get comfortable no matter what he did.

“I’m not that far along! Why is this happening?”

Kristoff, the resident healer of the dragon clan, which was located in a castle that had been literally carved into Black Mountain, just smiled at him. Conner decided he was a jerk for not being a little more worried. It seemed Conner was angry a lot lately. “Some people experience pains sooner than others. Some have it worse sooner than others.”

“If you make one comment about my weakened heart, I’m going to rip your head off,” Conner snarled.

Kristoff glared at him. “Conner, are you thinking about shifting into your wolf?”

Conner opened his mouth to start yelling again, even though he wasn’t sure what precisely he was going to say to the man. He pouted in his bed instead, trying to ignore all the soreness and sharp pains in his gut. “No.”

“Do you remember what we talked about if your wolf gets too close to the surface?”

“I remember!” Conner snapped, and this time he did yell, and he grabbed one of his pillows and threw them at the healer for good measure.

The blond-haired dragon shifter neatly ducked out of the way, as agilely and simply as a strong shifter who wasn’t carrying a dragon’s egg in his stomach.

In a weird way, that was the thing that made Conner snap, and he started to cry. He actually started to sob, and tears and everything streamed down his cheeks like a…like a…

Like a pregnant omega.

Fuck. “It hurts!” Conner wailed.

He was only four and a half months along, barely even showing yet, and his insides felt like they were on fire, and his wolf wanted out to play and run, which it couldn’t do because no one knew what would happen to a wolf who shifted when carrying a dragon’s egg inside of them.

Conner was the first werewolf to ever be pregnant by a dragon, as far as they all knew. Aris, Conner’s husband and mate, was terrified that if Conner shifted, that it would break the egg that was inside of Conner and he could be impaled by the pieces of hard shell. For that reason, Conner not only had to deal with the pain, but he couldn't shift. He had to fight against the urge every time he felt his wolf getting close.

Kristoff had never heard of a wolf carrying a dragon baby, and though the other dragons who had wolf mates knew of this possibility, that hadn’t stopped them from taking wolves as mates either.

But none of them wanted to take the risk of their mates becoming pregnant. Oliver, one of the other mates, had admitted to Conner that he’d overheard some of the arguments that Conner had with Aris about the issue, and not only was he scared of becoming pregnant now, but his mate, Fraser, one of the dragon warriors, seemed absolutely adamant that it never happen.

That wasn’t very comforting.

Kristoff put his hand on Conner’s shoulder while he cried, but then that hand moved into his hair, a touch that was actually a caress.

From Kristoff? What the hell?

Conner looked up, and though Kristoff was in the room, it wasn’t his hand that was on Conner’s head. Aris had walked into the room, and Conner hadn’t even known it, hadn’t sensed it, all because of his stupid tears.

He pushed Aris’s hand away, angry now at himself as he lifted his knees, wrapped his arms around them, and then buried his face. “Go away.”

Of course, Aris wouldn’t be bossed around like that. He was the high dragon after all. He gave the commands, he didn’t take them.

“If you’re worried about me seeing you cry, it’s too late for that,” Aris said, and his voice was way too damned kind. It was kind of irritating.

Conner glared up at his mate, but at the sight of Aris’s big brown eyes that were showing nothing but love and concern for him, Conner broke again.

He couldn’t stop his crying, and he knew it made him look weak, but it was still a comfort when he opened his arms, like a child wanting to be picked up, and Aris came into them.

Aris was almost ninety-one years old, which was a great big age difference considering Conner was twenty-five.

Despite that, and the fact that Aris had height, muscle, and looks where Conner didn’t have any, the man never treated him like a child.

Not really. Right now Conner was being babied as Aris gently rubbed his back, kissed his face, and spoke soothing words, but Conner needed it so damned bad just then that it didn’t matter.

He couldn’t stop crying.

“How long have you been like this?” Aris asked, and Conner just barely managed to get his crying under control in order to respond.

“I’m fine! It’s not something I can’t handle! It just hurts and I’m restless and I needed to get that off my chest,” he said quickly.