My Boyfriend and His Brother

By: Kirsty Moseley

I walked into the party, people were already wasted and making out all over the place, dry humping against the walls.

I flinched as a drunken guy almost stumbled into me but caught himself at the last minute. Great I hate parties, why did Jared have to throw this stupid party anyway? I weaved through the crowed until I spotted his blonde head standing with a group of his friends laughing and drinking. Great he’s drinking that means fighting later on! Jared was always the same, he couldn’t hold his drink and got really paranoid and antsy so the slightest thing could set him off.

I wrapped my arms around his waist from behind making him jump. “You’re late.” he said as my hands slid under his shirt feeling his hard muscles underneath.

I grinned and kissed his neck. “Yeah but I’m worth waiting for,” I whispered playfully in his ear.

He laughed and turned around wrapping his arms around me. “Hell yeah you are.” He kissed me pulling me closer. I could smell his cologne, he really smelled edible. “Now the real party can begin,” Jared whispered in my ear as his hand slid down to my ass.

I elbowed him in the ribs gently. “Pervert.” I giggled.

“Mmm hmm, how about we skip the dancing and head straight up to my room?” he asked, taking my hand and pulling me towards the stairs with a seductive smile.

I bit my lip and thought about it, I would actually really like to do that, Jared’s body literally drove me wild but I wanted to drink first and get something to eat.

“Jared, I’m hungry.” I whined looking at the kitchen longingly.

He sighed and rolled his eyes pulling me towards the kitchen. He grabbed a couple of beers and a bowl of chips putting his arms around me holding the bowl close to my stomach so I could eat the contents. I smiled as he pressed his chest to my back and started kissing my shoulder and neck while I ate. I laughed watching all the drunken people having shots and competitions and stupid games.

Jared joined in after a little while as I knew he would and dragged me over to play too. “Right then, rules,” Matt slurred gripping my shoulder passing me coin and a cup full to the brim with vodka.

“You flip the coin, every time it lands on tails we all take a drink.” he grinned.

Holy crap this was a stupid game. “Seriously, flipping a coin?” I asked laughing.

Matt grinned, “Hey it’s a great game! Don‘t knock it until you‘ve tried it.” he leant on the counter heavily and nodded for me to flip.

I sighed and flipped the quarter, it landed on tails and everyone cheered and raised their cup.

After the tenth flip I was really enjoying the game too. Why the hell had I never heard of this game before? Whoever thought of this was a freaking genius! I looked into the bottom of my empty cup and pouted, Matt grabbed a bottle of vodka and poured some more in my cup. I giggled as Jared groped my ass sucking on the side of my neck.

“How about we play seven minutes in heaven?” he whispered in my ear, his hand slipped down the front of my pants massaging me gently making my whole body vibrate with need.

“Seven minutes? Jared if we’re going to heaven it better last a lot longer than that!” I gripped my hands around the back of his head pulling his mouth to mine and kissing him hungrily.

He moaned into my mouth and started walking me backwards towards the stairs. I could hear the guys shouting and whistling. “When you’re finished disappointing your woman, leave her up there and I’ll finish the job for you Jared.” Matt shouted suggestively.

I giggled against Jared’s lips, he pulled his mouth away from mine glaring at Matt, “Fuck that! What the hell was that?” he growled his hold on me tightening.

I gripped his shoulders squeezing gently trying to get his attention again but he’d stopped walking.

Matt held his hands up innocently leaning against the counter his eyes were slightly bloodshot as he smirked at me cockily.

“He’s drunk Jared.” I tugged on his hand eager to get upstairs, damn I wanted him so much. He honestly turned me into a horny she devil so easily.

“I don’t give a shit if he’s drunk!” he growled wrenching his hand from mine and launching himself at Matt both of them tumbling over the counter knocking drink and snacks everywhere.

I sighed and sat on the bottom step putting my head in my hands listening to the grunting and sounds of smashing glass and people shouting at them to break it up. This happened a lot, Jared got aggressive when he was drinking, this is why he drove most of the time when we went out.

I felt my stomach lurch so I jumped up and ran upstairs heading into the nearest bedroom that I had knew had a bathroom attached. When I was done bring up the pints of vodka that I had drunk I rinsed my mouth out with mouthwash.