No One to Trust(4)

By: Katie Reus

She mentally shook herself. Now wasn’t the time to argue with him. The part of her that wanted to get as far away from Orlando Salas’s house as possible knew that. She snatched the keys from his hand and hurried to his SUV. She might have a lot of questions for Porter, but more than anything she was simply grateful for his presence. If not for him, she’d probably be dead right now. Or worse. After what had just happened, energy hummed through her and she could actually feel her adrenaline high starting to crash. If he hadn’t shown up when he had…Lizzy shivered and a cold sweat blossomed across her forehead. She couldn’t think about that right now.

* * * * *

Raw, untamed energy hummed through Porter as he pulled away from the curb. He glanced once in the rearview mirror. It didn’t look like they were being followed and so far Elizabeth’s brother hadn’t stirred.

Porter hated the distrust he’d seen in her eyes when he’d told her about the tracking device—something he’d hated putting on her car—but he’d had no choice. Not long ago her mother had called worried about her youngest son and his penchant to involve Elizabeth in his troubles. Since he’d seen firsthand what a destructive influence Benny had on Elizabeth, he hadn’t hesitated to take things into his own hands. Putting a tracker in her car had been the only way he knew to discretely watch out for her.

If he could watch her all day he would. Though for a completely different reason than keeping her safe. The sexy woman had gotten under his skin in a bad way. Every night when he closed his eyes, he pictured her face. Her perfect smooth skin. Her perfect…everything. She was tall and slim and he often dreamed of running his hands through her mass of soft brown curls. And those espresso colored eyes were like dark pools just waiting to drown him. After their short relationship months ago, he’d forced himself to keep his distance. She’d made it perfectly clear that where her brother was concerned she had no common sense and that Porter would have no say in the decisions she made. Even decisions that could get her killed.

It didn’t mean he could forget what it had been like to taste her. Right before they’d started dating, for a brief moment in her office he’d seen that white hot desire in her gaze. It had wrapped around him like a cocoon and threatened to suffocate him with its intensity. And he’d been willing to lose himself in her. So he’d kissed her. And she hadn’t pushed him away. Until a month later when he’d tried to make her see reasoning that she couldn’t keep bailing her brother out of trouble.

In the end he knew it was a good thing. She worked for his father’s company and his brother was her boss. That kind of entanglement had disaster written all over it. And since it was clear he’d never be a priority in her life, it was better this way. There were too many things stacked against them and he wasn’t a masochist.

As they neared her neighborhood, her brother started to stir. “Shit…where am I? Don’t take me to the doctor. No hospitals…” he coughed out.

Porter glanced in the rearview mirror and glared. Dark eyes the same shade of brown as Elizabeth’s stared at him with fear. “You’re in the back of your sister’s car. What the hell were you thinking dragging her down to Orlando Salas’s house? What kind of moron are you?” Porter knew he should rein in his anger. This was her brother after all, but Orlando Salas was a dangerous predator. He preyed on women then spat them out like garbage. Now that Elizabeth was on that guy’s radar, Porter was tempted to pack her up and haul her back to his place regardless of whether she wanted to go or not.

Shame filled Benny’s eyes and he glanced away. “I didn’t mean to get her involved in my troubles. I just…I needed help. I thought…” His voice broke on the last word.

Porter pushed back a twinge of guilt. The man had been beaten to a pulp so maybe he shouldn’t be shouting at him. Still, there was no excuse in the world good enough for getting Elizabeth involved with Salas. “We’re almost to your sister’s place. What did you do to make Salas so angry?”

“I…uh, I owe him some money.”

Porter was good at reading people. Benny Martinez definitely owed Salas money, but there was more he was keeping to himself. There was a stark, raw fear evident in his eyes and he wasn’t trying to mask it. He apparently wore his heart on his sleeve, just like his sister.

Porter parked her car next to his SUV in the driveway and jumped out before Elizabeth had stopped the engine. He opened the back door and held an outstretched arm to Benny who was struggling to get out of his seat. “Come on.”

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