Nobody's Angel

By: Kallypso Masters

Second in the Rescue Me Series


To my husband, who patiently and calmly puts up with my crazy writing obsession and loves me unconditionally regardless of the upheaval and chaos I create in his life.

And to three women—Jeri Smith, Fiona Campbell, and Kelly Mueller—who made all the difference in how Master Marc’s story turned out. I can’t say how each of them helped without giving away the story, but they know what they did.


As always, there are so many people to thank, and my apologies to any I leave out.

First, I’d like to thank my editor, Jeri Smith, of Booksmith Editing. Your feedback on the earlier version of Nobody’s Angel was extremely helpful to me in the arriving at the final version.

Linda Lynn, my cover artist, is phenomenal. All I do is provide her with the photos of the characters and away she goes. She also designed the cover for Masters at Arms.

Fiona Campbell, you’re like having a second editor. Your insights are spot on. Thanks for pegging the problems the “old” Marc had—and for always fighting for your Texan.

Carol Ann MacKay, your line edits at the eleventh hour saved this author much embarrassment and is greatly appreciated.

Thanks to my beta readers, Kelly Hensley and Kathy Treadway, who provided valuable feedback for the scenes (including telling me what wasn’t working).

Thanks to my fans and readers, affectionately known as the Masters Brats, for falling in love with Masters Adam, Marc, and Damián as I have, and for encouraging them (with your bratty behavior) to make regular visits on Facebook to keep you in line. Just one request: I’d love it if you would please stop asking them to get out their whips and floggers to keep me in my writing chair. Ouch!

Thanks to my many Facebook and Twitter friends. Your encouragement and support are great motivation. Thanks also for helping me solve major and minor plot and characterization issues. Specifically, thanks to Ashlee Davidson, Jillian Schuler-Hall, and Laura Harnier for helping with the Denver and Colorado questions. Irene Eneri and Joanne MacGregor for help with the Italian phrases. Patricia Wheeler and an anonymous Marine for help with Marine Corps questions. And everyone else who helped whenever I put out the call for help! (All errors are the author’s, of course.)

To my wonderful MPs, thank you for lifting me up, making me laugh, giving me delightful and informative inspiration into the BDSM lifestyle, and providing me with an awesome social-networking fix every day! You’re the best!

Author’s Note

If you haven’t read the introduction novel for this series yet—Masters at Arms, please do so before you read this one. It’s only 99 cents and will give you a much deeper understanding of the bond between Masters Adam, Marc, and Damián. You’ll also learn about key turning points in each of their lives leading up to their romances. And you’ll see how Master Adam & Karla and Master Damián & Savannah met, as well as some of Master Marc’s prior experiences with women. Masters at Arms is available where you purchased this book.

Now I turn Nobody’s Angel over to the good care of you, my reader. I hope you fall in love with Master Marc, Angelina, and Luke, and that you will enjoy your visits with Master Adam, Master Damián, Karla, and Cassie, as well! Next up will be Master Adam and Karla’s romance (at last!) in December with Nobody’s Hero.

Chapter One

Marc D’Alessio put on the eye mask to maintain some anonymity. What Italian men didn’t do for their mamas. No one he knew from his earlier life in Aspen had ever shown up at his club, but he’d promised Mama he wouldn’t be blatant about his alternate lifestyle. Shit, just having her find out about his interest in BDSM had been bad enough. If his little brother Sandro had just kept his mouth shut….

He wished he’d chosen a different mask, though. The damned wolf one just brought him attention from unattached subs and bottoms he really didn’t want these days.

Marc donned the black leather vest over his bare chest and ignored the familiar hitch in his breath caused when he overstretched the adhesions in his side. He checked to make sure the vest pockets included the safety and first-aid items he may need while on duty tonight. The yellow armband he placed over his right bicep identified him as the club’s dungeon monitor supervisor tonight.

Marc stepped out of the dressing area and walked down the short hallway to where the great room at the Masters at Arms fetish club opened before him. The scent of sweat and sex filled the air tonight. The club appeared to be at capacity, so he knew he’d have to stay alert. He also was about an hour late and needed to find co-owner Adam Montague to get the lowdown. He scanned the room looking for the retired Marine master sergeant.

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