Nobody's Hero

By: Kallypso Masters

Third in the Rescue Me Series


As always, there are so many people to thank, and my apologies to any I leave out.

First, I’d like to thank my editor, Jeri Smith, of Booksmith Editing. My writing continues to improve and I grow as a writer with your explanations, suggestions, and corrections. Most of all, your unflappable belief in my abilities and potential.

Linda Lynn, the cover artist for all of my books to date, for your patience and knowledge. And for collaring Karla on this cover.

To my line editors, Jacy Mackin and Rosie Moewe, thanks for pulling those all-nighters with me and for the attention to detail you bring to the table. We are an awesome team—the Three Master-teers!

For the many, many hours of reading e-mails and scenes and offering suggestions and ideas, thanks to “Toymaker” and his beloved submissive “Eirocawakening” from FetLife. You've helped this neophyte learn, always with patience and enthusiasm. Toymaker, I do believe you will keep me torturing poor Karla and some of my other submissives for years to come with your innovations and diabolical ideas.

My incredible crew of beta readers: Fiona Campbell, Ashlee Davidson, Kristin Harris, Kellie Hunter, Rosie Moewe, Kelly Mueller, and Kathy Treadway. I’m always amazed at how each of you finds something monumentally wrong—but it’s never the same thing. Reading your comments often send me in new directions or just help me add another layer to make the story even more complex in its character and plot development.

Thanks to my fans and readers, affectionately known as the Masters Brats, for falling in love (as I have) with Masters Adam, Marc, and Damián, and for encouraging them (with your bratty behavior) to make regular visits on Facebook to keep you in line. (But you know Master Adam’s fond of deprivation when you get too bratty, so don't get too bratty or he won’t come to visit. But Karla's going to show him that bratty can be fun, too.)

To my Romance Writers of America chapter, the Kentucky Romance Writers, and to my fellow solely independent authors, Sondra Allen Carr and Donna MacDonald, for all of your advice and support as we try to revolutionize the publishing industry one book at a time.

I discovered in the writing of this book that my Facebook friends restore my energy levels, which is why I spend more time there than most writers do on deadline. (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.) You build up my adrenaline, help me find the answers to a character’s most puzzling questions (like what body wash/soap Master Adam uses and what he’d call his underwear, when he wears any!).

Many Facebook friends have added in big and small ways to the plot and character development of this book. Some that I made a note of before Facebook buried them on my profile wall are: Jennifer P. for providing the perfect setting for the final scene; Patricia Wheeler for help with my questions about Marines needed for the last chapter (and thanks for your service!); Lindsay Klug for self-defense moves; Rosie Moewe and Joanne MacGregor for research videos on self-defense and rope bondage; Sherri Hayes for your brainstorming help, because you always seem to know what Master Adam would do; Kelly Timm for help with facts about my fictionalized version of Eden Gardens in Solano Beach; Fiona Campbell, Maria Nespolo, Stacey Price, and everyone who helped me fill “the box” of special memories in this story; and for all who gave me suggestions for public and private BDSM collars (Susan F., Crystal H., Evita’s Reads, Gail M., Joanne M., Tamara M., Suzanne O., D.F. Starr, and Beth W.). I need to get better at remember or recording who provided which pieces of information so I can acknowledge all of you next time, but rest assured you are appreciated, even if not named here. (All errors are mine, of course.)

Thanks to Fiona Campbell for her medical expertise and for keeping 50-year-old Master Adam (with his fondness for rough sex) from going at Karla like a teenager before he was fully healed from his wounds.

Thank you to my supportive, innovative, and kinky "Playroom" friends, for lifting me up, making me laugh, giving me delightful and informative inspiration into the BDSM lifestyle, and for providing me with an awesome social-networking fix every day! You’re the best!

Thanks, Jennifer Zeffer, Joanne Ioana T, and everyone who shares delightful Master Gibbs “Dom” quotes from NCIS on a regular basis. Most memorable of late was: “Somebody needed a safeword.” I hope the NCIS writers who keep toying with us will one day give us the scene we all crave—Master Gibbs in a romantic scene with a woman in restraints. (Surely there’s a dungeon or playroom in his basement somewhere!) I just wonder what all the "vanilla" (non-BDSM) viewers of NCIS think of these Master Gibbs-isms. (When asked what safeword meant, one said, “It’s probably a Marine codeword." Well, it is in MY books—especially this one!”)

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