Nowhere to Hide (Delos Series Book 1)

By: Lindsay McKenna

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the Delos Series! I spent five years creating this saga-series. Readers who are familiar with Morgan’s Mercenaries (45 books strong), know that I wrote about a military family. This started back in the 1990’s. You and I fell in love with the Trayhern Family. It was the right tone for the tenor of the times.

Today, we’re global. Those who have Internet can be halfway around the world in the blink of an eye. There are no longer boundaries as we’ve known them before. We are a huge melting pot of humanity, warts and all. I wanted to create a global family this time, that reflected the world we live in. With this in mind, I created three families from three different parts of the world who hold all life sacred and important.

The Culver family is from Alexandria, Virginia. The Kemel family is from Kusadasi, Turkey. The Mykonos family is from Athens, Greece. And like today, family members meet, fall in love and marry a partner from another country. There is a mixing of blood, experience, knowledge, philosophies and an emphasis on what is important to each of them.

The three families have grown children who are a combination of American, Turkish and Greek bloodlines. And although their lineage is far flung, all three families believe in giving back to those who have less. In 1950, Delos charities were formed by the Kemel family. In 1990, Dilara Kemel-Badem, met and married U.S. Air Force Major Robert Culver. She moved to Alexandria, Virginia and became the president of Delos charities. They raised three children: Talia (Tal), the oldest daughter and twins, Matt and Alexa.

In today’s world of terror, nothing is safe anywhere on our planet, to fight terrorism the three Culver children went into the military. It is when one of the Delos charities in La Fortuna, Costa Rica, is attacked, two teachers murdered, that Robert and Dilara Culver decided their 1,800 charities worldwide needed protection. Artemis Security was created and became their in-house firm. And as they created this protection for their vast number of volunteers worldwide, they asked their grown children to leave the military and come home to run it.

In Book 1, Nowhere to Hide, is the story of Lia Cassidy, a volunteer to the school in La Fortuna. You will be on the ground floor of seeing how Artemis came into being. And how ex-SEAL, Cav Jordan, assigned to protect Lia as they rebuild the burned down school, falls in love with this valiant, brave young woman.

Book 2, Tangled Pursuit, you will meet Captain Tal Culver, U.S. Marine Corps. She has nearly nine years in the Corps. A natural leader, she is the assistant commanding officer for one of two sniper units out of Bagram, Afghanistan. She will become CEO of Artemis. U.S. Navy SEAL Chief Wyatt Lockwood, a brazen Texan who has had his eye on Tal for three years, decides it’s time to get this woman of his (even though Tal doesn’t know it yet), to give him a chance to catch and keep her.

Book 3, Forged in Fire, you will meet Delta Force Army Sergeant Matt Culver. He’s been in the Army since eighteen and is a kidnapping and ransom (KNR) specialist out of Bagram, Afghanistan. Matt’s enlistment is up in four months. During a holiday program over Thanksgiving at the base, he meets Dr. Dara McKinley, a pediatrician who volunteers her time at a charity in Kabul. They are on a collision course with one another. Matt will later become the director of KNR at Artemis.

Book 4, Broken Dreams, you will meet U.S. Air Force Captain Alexa Culver. She’s an A-10 combat jet pilot, risking her life over six tours in Afghanistan. Unexpectedly she meets Gage Hunter, a quiet Marine Corps sniper who is a good friend of her brother, Matt. She finds herself helplessly drawn to the West Virginian with a soft drawl. Little do they realize when they go out to an Afghan village to give medical help to children, their lives will change forever. Alexa was planning on giving up her commission to go home to help run Artemis.

After you meet the Culver family and get to know them, their stories, and the people they fall deeply in love with, I will then be writing about the missions. These ops will come out of Delos charities that have need of protection from some faction in their country. Tal, Matt and Alexa, with a team of two hundred of the best security people in the world, will take the info and create a mission plan. One security contractor might be needed. It could be a man or a woman. Or two might be needed. The stories are fresh, intensely romantic, and heart-pounding. You won’t be able to stop reading!

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